Phoenix Theron sentenced after confessing to Mom’s murder — No Comments

  1. Remember, she had to say what she had to say, in her plea.. The boyfriend (at the time) Gareth, and Rosemary and the youngest daughter where a more balanced unit than is alluded to here. The youngest daughter was a very talkative, amazing child and definately would not have been exposed to a simialar fate as Phoenix. This was all plea agreement stuff. Please keep this in mind. Also, use of capitals is most welcome in a ”News” Blog. Thanks.

    • As an outsider, i don’t have conclusion but have read enough to have doubt which is why i haven’t spoken much about Rosemary in my blogs. Sure, plea agreements may be expressed in the prisoner’s favour but Phoenix still took a journey down a dark path which has also yet to be fully explained.

  2. Theron Murder Update: Yesterday (May 23), Kyle Maspero was to plead guilty to the murder of Rosemary Theron. However, there were problems with the “factual basis of his plea” which haven’t been revealed. Access by the prosecution to Kyle’s admissions is expected to shorten the trial which has been postponed to June 9 (where Godfrey Scheepers, the accomplice in moving the body, will appear too). Kyle will remain on bail in Knysna. Phoenix Theron, as previously reported, was sentenced earlier this month after entering a plea deal.

  3. Unfortunately Gordon never made the court date… Godfrey was there tho. No offence, if you can’t even get the co-accused’s name correct, how can we believe most of the other media articles. I’ve noticed a lot of issues with this article. For instance, the sentence Phoenix got was actually considered more harsh, as she did not physically commit the crime, and also confessed. Lawyers have been quoted stating that even they think its a bit more harsh than suspected

    • This is one of many free services i offer. Corrections of brainslips are welcomed. There appear to be no other mistakes. Some do consider her getting 15 years to be light. It’s subjective. She was part of premeditated murder. She stood there while her mom was strangled. Personally, i don’t believe that most lengthy sentences can be justified for crimes committed by people in bad places which may not have existed a year later… or with love. Humans behave bizarrely under stress.

      • “Carefree living”, what makes you “know” that. Where do you get your information from? Are you all-knowing? I mean “detailed blogging”!? On what basis? What do you know?

        • It’s an emotional topic but surely there’s a bigger picture here than this description? Yes, Phoenix obviously had troubles but i’ve spoken to several people who knew her in Knysna, teens and adults, who related happy times and fond memories of her.