Photos 2: Leisure Isle Festival 2011 — No Comments

  1. nice pics, Mike, thanks. Sorry couldnt spot any of my pottery and mosaic display, but I know I have already had my fair share of exposure on your website! (and we bunked Sunday)
    The festival was great, and for a good cause -the e-pap feeding scheme for pre-schoolers provides nutrition when children need it most. I bet Knysna will have some of the cleverest kids in SA in years to come. The lack of parking was a bit of a nightmare, and I think they will have to come up with a better parking plan next year.

    • I wondered if that was you. I stood near your table waiting but you were in a long chat with 2 people so i moved on. Sun was wrong angle for photo i.e. was glaring off the pottery.

      I’d much rather that the cars park where the right-hand park is and then move that section over to the inlet between Leisure Isle and The Eastern Head. It’s lovely there; green grass and many benches that could be converted into stalls. And i’m a big fan of nearby water.