Photos: The Rastafarian’s Judah Square — No Comments

  1. I man will contact over phone soon where I am most available.

    Give thanks

    Papa Alpha
    081 433 8977

  2. Haile I, Sillassie I

    I man a family of four children (2, 7, 9, 11)and me empress together wit me breda an him sista are the ONE STONE trod. we want to thro a stone & repatriate to Juda Square by July. We run crafts stall (beads, textile, clay) am author, teacher, poet, scriptwrit, casting masons, drama instructor altogether with jah family. Presently I man been volunteering at local library for past three years doing community programmes and general library admin. Love to work at or with local library there.

    We are in Free State, Kroonstad but we hope to find home where InI can find peace, unity, bliss and a chance to grow further. We love Jah and Rasta livity for the family an too long we want

    Please assist InI with temporary to permanent boarding and firewood to live when we thro a stone in July. we wish to contribute to the development of the community thereso. Please, Repatration a must.

    Blessed love

    Contact: Papa Alpha @081 433 8977