Pigs With Wings & Lauren Waring — 11 Comments

  1. Mike,
    As you know, I’m on your side, but… this article trashes yourself, not your adversary. You can tell me that this is a blog, and not a news site, and I’d have to agree. But, (and there’s always a but), you are using language that is oftentimes extreme… for no particular reason, except to sate your own (understandable) anger. You have a sympathetic audience, you have the ear of a big slice of the community. You have a style that is confrontational, and in these times, it is an asset. You could be an asset in direct, non-bullshit understanding of the environs in which we all have to operate. But, again, (the but), you skid along the giddy edge of the abyss of slander to make your points, and that only makes you a lesser reporter or chronicler of our times. To use the ad hominem attack with such abandon, places you on the merry-go-round of “suspect intentions” and makes you look unbalanced in your reportage. Most of us frequenting this site agree with your general stance and to infiltrate your anger with such unmeasured outbursts as “I have come to despise this woman because she despises Knysna with her actions.” is counterintuitive and decidedly counterproductive in your good mission to expose the usual bullshit which veils the true intentions of politicians worldwide. Financial gain and a power base. And… It “supposed” Not “suppose.”
    Your hammer approach is well received, but please, use the measured approach, especially for those that find it difficult to come to terms, in these distressing times, with the true face of political norms.
    Use it… don’t use it.

    • The purpose is to attract attention to those who are hurting Knysna. The flipside of this blog is that my door, as said, has always been open to Lauren Waring and others such as Georlene Wolmarans, Michelle Wasserman and Esme Edge. I will deal with anyone, from the DA to the ANC, if there is a common goal towards helping Knysna. However, the situation is, unfortunately, not that. Lauren Waring has continuously disrespected the public. I disrespect her in turn. Unlike her, i always explain my action.

  2. I was just reading Helen Zille’s article about the poo flingers in cape town. The cops also just stand by and do nothing, apparently. The poo-flingers who dumped poo at the airport just got a minor slap, in other countries they would not have got away with that. I am so glad we live in Knysna, where roaming pigs are a problem. They eat up the filth around the place too, not just the flowers and gardens.

    • The cops stand by too often too many times…sometimes, i fear, out of racism.

      As for the second part of your comment, that sounds like a rare positive on this site:)

  3. This article is disgusting and uncalled for. Before making any remarks about someone’s character, first get to know a person! I can personally vouch for Ms Waring’s long hours of work and commitment to the citizens of the whole of the Knysna Municipal area. She is going more than the extra mile on a daily basis! And how do I know this?? Because I sit in the office right next to her and one would be blind not to see the amount of work that she personally does each day! If the citizens of Knysna wish to believe the lies in this blog, it’s their choice..

    • Lauren is paid very well to work hard and it was her who closed the door. Emotional outbursts like yours only emphasis what is wrong with the Knysna Municiplaity i.e. emotions and reactions instead of addressing the issues. Lauren Waring has REPEATEDLY done wrong yet every time someone stands up for her or one of the other undemocratic women in our ‘proud’ government, they NEVER question the topics at hand. Buddies never bring truth tpo the situation. If you want to stand up for her, discuss ways to remove the pigs, real public participation in the ISDF tender, why she allowed Knysna Tourism to fall by millions (after she was warned) and why she lied about communication with me when in fact i’m banned. Give me nitty-gritty that restores faith in her. Have her hold public discussion on these matters. Have her say, “Mike, let’s chat.” Until she chooses transparency and honest communication, she remains another public employee destroying the heart of Knysna.

      • It is of no use to go into a debate with someone with preconceived opinions. Your mind is made up.. So is mine.. And for the record, I grew up in this town and care very much about my town. I am proud to say that this town is flourishing under the leadership of Lauren Waring and many colleagues at my place of work agree that this woman is not afraid to work and get her hands dirty when needed for the sake of our town! We have so much to be thankful for in our town instead of complaining and throwing mud. Such behaviour will never solve any problems. May the people who truly care about our town live with respect and integrity and guard the words of their mouths; may they be pro-active and keep on feeding valuable, workable suggestions to problems that arise. This is my final comment on this matter.

        • There’s a difference between ‘preconceived’ and actual experience. My opinion becomes more entrenched the more Lauren refuses to cooperate, each time she lies, and the longer the Municipality blocks my emails. Public information is a good example, called that because it’s suppose to be public i.e. one should not have to legally force the Knysna Municipality to hand it over. If Lauren were either moral or doing her job, she’d act more transparently.

          It’s good that you love Knysna. I do too, dearly.

          Thanks for your comments. Democracy is about having presenting different opinions and i always appreciate people using their real name to stand up for what they believe.

  4. I’m sure the pig owner would soon start to take greater care of his animals if a few started to disappear. I mean, bush pigs get knocked off, so why not feral ‘domestic’ animals?

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