Pit Bull Terrier Laws for Knysna — No Comments

  1. Okay so let’s say pitbulls are completely wiped out right?…what do you think the fools making their dogs fight are gonna be doing? What do you think the next breed is that they are going to use? Steffordshire? Rottweiller? That is the obvious next choice for them don’t you think?Has that been even thought of ?so is punishing pitbulls really going to be doing anything?


    • Francois, it’s the other way around. We are discussing the new ‘By-Law Relating to the Keeping of Dogs’ which was passed at the Governance & Planning Section 80 meeting. A by-law needs 3 approvals. I consider the Section80, which this was, to be the most important as it is where most debate takes place. Each Councillor on the MAYCO is given a portfolio so that they can interact with municipal staff and apply oversight. All the portfolio decisions are taken to the Mayoral committee where they are either sent back to the Section80 or passed on to the normal Council meeting for approval. Public effect is most likely to cause difference at the Section 80 where they are suppose to consider public participation (in this case, a letter from 2 citizens and another from Langlands at Community Services were inadequate). The goal now is to force the MAYCO to send it back to the Section 80 so the public is heard. If it gets sent to Council it is too late. PS: The Municipality often fails to put relevant information on their website.

  3. Humans are the problem, humans are always the problem – don’t single out breeds, single out bad owners. Dogs will always be mans best friend – don’t let us ever forget that! We must concentrate on stamping out ignorance and cruelty, and start by educating children.

  4. They must rather do a back ground check on prospective owners!!!!! To ascertain the conditions under witch these precious animals are going to be reared – with LOVING owners you have LOVING natured PETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT blame the breed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Punish the people not the breed! This is total unfair treatment of an amazing breed of animal! It’s like saying all children should be banned from public places because some of them don’t have manners…it’s just not right! These dogs deserve what all other breeds deserve!

  6. Al die Pitbulls wat ek al gesien het word soos kinders in die huis groot gemaak. Almal weet dat enige hond training moet kry. Saam met dit moe t hulle daagliks oefening kry. N Gebalanseerde hond moet oefening kry, gesonde kos en baie aandag. Straf die mense wat die honde gebruik vir Fighting . Hulle is die lot wat ons hond ‘n slegte reputasie gee.
    My eie is soos my kinders en is nooit af van leash as ons loop in die straat nie. Training is baie belangrik, en word gedoen. Educate die mense oor die breed, Straf die wat hulle misbruik. Doen julle huiswerk en ondersoek die gevalle waar daar fighting is.

    Bied beloning aan vir inligting oor fighting in julle omgewing en straf daai mense met tronkstraf nie net boetes nie.

    Kennis gee mag, beskerm die diere!!!!

  7. Dare I say this………..

    So if there is an increase in crime in Knysa, will they then also ban certain ethnic groups or income groups from public areas?

    Breed specific legislation is exactly like Racial Profiling. It does not work, it is unconstitutional, and a waste of tax payers money. Rather implement pro-active solutions to stop the problem.

    Reallly Knysna Council…….

  8. This is somma kak kyk eerder na die bliksems wat steel, roof en Moord pleeg. Nee julle sali want hulle mag mos als doen nes hulle wil. Lat een van dai bliksems jou vrou verkrag en hy gan wegkom met dit maar nou wil julle honde straf maak julle vokken OE oop man los die honde en focus eerder op wat belangriker is…….

  9. This is utter nonsense!!! Another example of animals who will suffer due to ignorant humans! Rather look at what to do with people who abuse and neglect animals and stop discriminating against dog breeds.

  10. there is none so blind as those that dont want to see. people need to be educated.

    it is easy to target those that want to walk and keep their dogs happy. why dont you go into the less fortunate areas and tackle their dogs that are underfed and chained – too scared i suppose because you will be sorted.

  11. agreed that dog fighting is a real growing concern however what knysna tourism is proposing is preposterous, nothing makes sense specially the part about a persons democratic rigths or has public participation been surpassed this is most certainly unlawful if it has happened may I have a copy of the minutes of the public participation meeting or surely this should be on record if said meeting has taken place please respond ……….

      • You are correct, tourism didnt compose this, but a local and international boycott of all knysna tourism and commerce has been called. Meaning until this is withdrawn local and international people have pledged to boycott anything knysna totally.
        Its gained a lot of support, and as a pit bull owner I hope it gains more. why not focus on training the SAPS, the public prosecutors and magistrates on how to implement and enforce the animals protection act. it is after all the courts down there that gave slaps on the wrists to those dog fighters. Banning the dogs wont solve the problem. applying and enforcing the law will

        quoted from the book Dogs I Have Met and the People They Found, by Ken Foster

        “Legislators are reluctant to address the issues that involve people. It’s much easier for them to blame a breed and pretend that the problem is solved. It’s much easier for them to just put all the dogs to sleep”

        • I just wanted to clarify that as i’m in court cases with the CEO and find rumour often blaming me for everything:) I admire protest and i understand tourism being targeted. I’m aware of the video and sent the link, along with the petition link, to the politicians early this morning as a follow-up to the letter of objection posted yesterday.

  12. Oh no this is sadistick
    The Out of towneres need re think this fast, sadest part is that the dogs now that shall be removed, removed where to, for example Cape Town SPCA gets in between 700 to 800 dogs a month YES a month
    Now this is not correct what is happening that you cannot have these dogs around and places need be inspected and such, use the time money and energy on the dog fiting culprits not jane and John who give this loving doggie a home
    Absurd it is

  13. I will tell you what is wrong with this …. You bunch are so uneducated!

    How about start by doing your fucking job and find the ring that promotes the fighting instead of trying to rid people of their family, because that’s what our dogs are!!!!!!!!

    As in everywhere in life you get people that will do anything for money and that’s where this all begins.

    I do however agree with you registering the dogs and agree that this will lead you to where you really need to begin, finding the place and people responsible! Some people should not be allowed in my opinion to own these dogs and it will be obvious on inspection… hell I will even volunteer to come help you with the inspections!


    If you want to make a difference give harsher punishments to people that are responsible and part take in the dog fighting ring, they are heartless and the ones to blame. If anyone treats me or any human for that fact the way they treat their dogs (before the dog fights even start) I will also chew your face off!
    Sort this out at the origin and make a REAL difference!


  14. My biggest concern is that dogs like pitbulls get stolen by walking them on a leash, as if going for a stroll. No one will suspect that the dog is being stolen and you can’t prove that it’s not that person’s dog. My suggestion is that owners of such a dog have papers with them to state that the animal belongs to them and the animal must be sterilized.

  15. A breed is like a suit of clothes, it doesn’t tell you anything about the dog inside.It isn’t any particular breed that causes problems, but the way a dog is trained. There is a “good” dog inside of almost every dog. This is certainly true of the most misunderstood breed, the pit bull.

    Pit bulls receive horrible press and the internet is full of misconceptions and untruths about this normally sweet and gorgeous breed of dog. People need to be educated on the true nature of his breed. It turns out that the public has a lot to learn about pit bulls!!!!!l

  16. I agree with this law to some extend. I have one huge concern though. Pit Bulls need exercise and lots of it to keep a happy mind. If owners can not walk their dogs it will create a different kind of problem and soon it will lead to “kill the breed” laws. So yes, check up on the owners, but allow these dogs to still have the freedom and joy of exercise.

  17. Wake up it’s not the dog or breed of dog but the idiot at other end if lead! Because if you watch or support dog fighting you are scum

  18. It’s pathetic. Money making. AND WHEN ARE THOSE POWERS GOING TO GO INTO THE DOG FIGHTING AREAS AND SAVE THOSE INNOCENT,ONES. deed not breed. Ignoramus idiots (ps, why is that poor American staffie wearing a prong collar?)

  19. Excellent. More ignorance and stupidity in places and positions we can least afford it!

    So what you’re saying is we should lock up all the children in Knysna because of some irresponsible/selfish/materialistic/shitty parents aren’t doing any parenting and their kids are behaving like hooligans and brats but the parents themselves are to blame but we’ll just ignore that part and punish anybody and everybody that has a good happy child out in public – shock horror!!! – instead.

    My pit bull is my child and I will not be told where what and how because our local government reps are too damn ignorant/lazy/selfish etc to do what is right and proper!

    Shame on you!!!

  20. I will NEVER use Knysna as a tourist destination ever. Won’t event stop to fill petrol. If they want to discriminate a perfectly good dog based on what idiots make them out to be, then all pitbull advocates should unite and boycot this stupid place.

  21. Hi my name is Kyle, (difficulty logging in from my account)

    My fiance and I own a beautiful pitbull, I have walked her in public areas in town and beaches and have had only positive comments about our girl. This breed is misunderstood and the people who lodged this complaint should focus on spending time with the breed before they give acquisitions. If pitbull owners have to pay registry fees for their dogs what becomes of the rest of the breeds and dog owners? Another municipal money making scheme!

  22. Some people are saying that they are glad that this is happening?? – okay, well then I suppose that in your mind, we ALL should be punished for the crimes of others? And we should all be treated the same way as one would treat a murderer or rapest? What about all these innocent dogs whom will now be isolated from other dogs and humans and stripped of their right to freedom? Forget the word ‘dog’, these are living creatures with feelings and memories and they have dreams/nightmares just as us humans do. This IS NOT acceptable!

    • There will be some who fear fear or have had a bad experience with dogs that they transpose onto this breed but i’m quite amazed that the comments here are, unanimously, against the new by-laws. Is this breed more likely to be violent if treated badly? Yes. Should good dogs and good owners be treated as criminals – of course not – i absolutely agree with you there, Marli.

  23. Oh for goodness sake – first clean up south Africa of all the crime and criminals = whom have nothing on the animal kingdom! Our animals could teach humans a thing or two. long live all animals of any kind and may atake the time and energy to protect them all……….

  24. I get this new proposed legislation,
    In essence, part of the new proposed law is doing what rescuers and animal org’s are doing; premises checks before someone adopts a dog. This is something that breeders do not do. They breed. They sell. Mission accomplished.
    The real issue is breeding of an already overpopulated breed. Legislation of ALL municipalities need to take action and enforce stricter breeding by-laws. Zero tolerance. Our government has a responsibility here!
    Maybe this proposed law will serve as a wake-up call to breeders and the government, but I think the blanket generalization wrt walking one’s Pibble is unacceptable.
    Banning is too easy and mostly ineffective. This borders on BSL and we all know that it has not worked anywhere in the world!

  25. Bullshit!!!! That is my opinion! I have a beautiful male pitty! And he is the most friendly social dog you will ever meet! No one will ever tell me where I can or cannot walk my dog…. All this will do is make bully lovers life harder, the dog fighters will go more under ground or start using other dogs? It’s happened before and will continue to happen unless people start doing their research and learning about this wonderful breed! A dog is a representation of their owners! So start looking their instead of inflicting bull shit laws on responsible dog owners….
    I am going to thoroughly enjoy walking my boy right in the centre of Knysna from now on!

  26. Louis. The law must first be published for comments and thereafter the council must consider the comments and make a decision. The by-law only comes into effect when it is published or promulgated in the provincial government gazette. I am also of the view that this by-law is not up to constitutional muster and that the proposed by-law is not addressing the root cause and is not educational and corrective. The municipality must look at educational mechanisms to address these type of issues at school level and even to educate parents/ adults regarding these matters.

  27. And what exactly does a municipal officer know about pitbulls???…

    This is unbelievable! Shouldn’t they rather focus on the rendering of services than focusing on a dog breed they have no clue about?

    I can assure them that the pitbulls are not the problem – the humans are. I work with pitbulls at a non-kill shelter where we rehabilitate and re-home them because of the damage that people have done to them. They are an excellent breed – friendly, lovable and very energetic. I just wish people will let go of the stigma surrounding this breed.

    @ Knysna Municipality – get your house in order first before tackling a subject that you have no clue or knowledge about…

  28. KAWS and SAPS need to raid certain houses in Hornlee and Keurhoek/Kranshoek it is a known fact that their are people there who house at least 10 pitbulls and dont work!! One has to wonder what they do with the dogs and how the they afford to feed them. This needs to be a focus area and managed properly – dog fighting is real in this town and very lucrative to the owners – but for some reason a blind eye is turned to this!

  29. This is only about ‘dog fighting” for money. Law making is often just another platform for aspiring politicians. The real problem is not targeted and the ‘voiceless” are always at the short end. Enough!

  30. There is nothing wrong with the breed how can a few fucked up people decide I can not keep my dog come and try to take it from me then you will see shit fly

  31. Ignorant fools ….. I have worked in Rescue for many years and have worked a lot with Pits …. a Jack Russel has the capability to cause havoc and heavy damage with its bite. Ignorant, ignorant fools ….. spend time with the breed to wash your mindset clean. Banning responsible ownership of the breed
    will not deter the fighting rings … that is where you should be putting all your energy … to finding and jailing the fighting rings! The people involved in dog fighting are the true vicious creatures that need to be taken to task.

  32. Ek glo dat dit die mees simpelste en domste wet is wat ingestel gaan word,maar ons bly in SA so wat is nuut.Plaas moordenaars en pedofiele mag die strate vol loop en maak soos hulle wil,maar n pittbull mag nie.Ek wens die mense wil net wakker skrik oor pittbulls.So nou gaan die mense spesiale parke bou vir ons pittbull eienaars,want julle slimmetjies sal nou met n oplossing moet kom.Ek kan nie glo dat mense in hoe posisies aan sulke strooi kan dink nie.Dit is my REG om na n park te stap met my hond op n band.Aangesien ons nie meer wapens mag dra nie mag ons geliefde diere ons seker beskerm,want ons leef mos in n “crime free” land..

  33. This is nonsense !!!

    I have two Pitbulls and will take them to every single place where all other dogs and animals are aloud to go to !!
    If they want to register the Pitbulls , then they must register all dog types and other animals aswell . Maybe they should go into the areas that abuse these dogs ( Not only Pitbulls ) and take those people on .
    If you do proper research you’ll see that even Labradors are being used in dog fights etc etc ….. It boils down once again like all the other crime in our country and town . CATCH THE BAD GUYS !!!!!

    Don’t punish the dogs nor all the good owners .

    Pitbulls are normal loving dogs like any other dog !!!

  34. The highlight of my boy’s week is going to his obedience classes. He LOVES his trainer. He’s always leashed, and managed correctly, but if this ridiculous law is passed he stands to lose the right to attend his classes. What the hell?

  35. Stop breed specific prejudice! It is not the animal, it is the owner! I am a proud mom of 3 pitbulls! Never an issue, never a problem – they babysit our friends’ children for crying out loud!!!! Ignorance breeds prejudice – this is not the way forward! Google the pitbull history and you will see they were kept as nanny dogs – how blind can Knysna be? Knysna has just lost me as a holiday goer – and all my pitbull activists!

  36. Absolutely! The people breeding the dogs for fighting are not walking them in the streets. This is like gun control… taking away from the law abiding citizens while the criminals will carry on regardless.

    I walk my dog (always leashed), take him to the beach, and once a week we go to obedience classes, where he is NEVER off leash, because I’m responsible, and I know the nature of the Pit Bull. We’ve never had an incident. We did, however, have a problem with a very aggressive Labrador…

  37. As a proud owner of two pitbulls I would just like to know where I must take my dogs for there afternoon walk as this law is against us walking in any residential areas. I myself was afraid of pitbulls until we got one about 2 years ago and they are actually the most loving playful pet out it only depends on how they grow up if you keep any dog locked up they would start showing aggression but if you take them for there walks they get use to the surrounding around them and people that walk past them

  38. My Name is Shaun Barnard and I was born a bred in Knysna and I am a PROUD PITBULL owner!!!!

    Let me tell you a story..

    Before I got a Pit-bull I did months of research on the breed’s categoristics and behavior, I learnt everything there is regarding their history and temperament.

    I then found myself a well-known responsible Pit-bull breeder and so I chose a puppy whose parents and grandparents had a history of show dog champions in their bloodline dating back 5 generations, (and I have the certificates to prove this) these dogs had to go through severe temperament testing to be allowed to compete. I then knew I have a little champion on my hands. I flew my puppy down to Knysna from Johannesburg and so my journey began as a responsible Pit-bull owner…. I socialized my pup from a very early age with all kinds of breeds – I took him to puppy classes through a local vet and spent months making sure that he will be the dog he is today. I continued my training on a daily bases for months to come. I neutered my dog when he was 8 months old to make sure that I will not have any aggression issues when he is older. He is now 4 year old and the best well trained dog a man can ask for. We have a big family of animals that roam freely amongst each other in the yard that include 3 dachshunds a cat and an African Grey parrot. I take my dogs a daily walks and to the beach on the weekend and they could not be happier.

    This new by-law is utter nonsense, its discrimination against this misunderstood breed – my boy is the loveliest dog I have ever had due to me being a responsible Pit-bull owner and I still apply my training till this day. This is so unfair towards all the good Pit-bull owners I know in Knysna- the best way to stimulate a dog’s behavior is to give him his daily exercise, by not letting us walk our dogs you WILL make the problem worse!! Rather than banning all Pit-bull, you should target unregistered Pit bulls that are chained up at home by their irresponsible owners and sort this problem out… the owners I mean! It’s not the dogs fault.

    This is a topic very close to my heart and I will petition this till the day I die.

  39. This makes me so very sad!! So what will happen to those doggies who are excited everyday to go for a walk? They will become so depressed. Our country is going backwards. How will pitbulls be socialized if not alowed to mingle? This is seriously unfair! People are quick to judge kids who are rude- ill mannered etc. The same applies to dog – owners! If there is a behaviour problem look at the owners! Not the dogs! I adore my 2 girls and they have the sweetest natures. People should become educated – its not the breed that matters…

  40. They don’t ban casinos and liquor stores because that brings money in for them through taxes. Pit bulls only brings money in for them if they have to be registered. I think this has less to do with stopping dog fighting or anything other than another way for the municipality to make money. Not money to be used in real problems like stopping dog fights or fixing potholes, but rather to be able to afford their absurd salaries. Must be close to increase time again.

  41. You do realize the US did the same, and those laws are now being repealed faster than they are being implemented as they are fundamentally flawed. Fight this!

  42. What sh@t is this. This is going to make more problems at the end because the dog will not be able to socialize or get it’s brain stimulated with exercise, making the dogs frustrated. This is bullsh@t.

  43. Pit bulls are not the problem, they have been given a bad reputation. The people are the problem. The police need to stop the dog fighting … but they are in on it mostly. I have even offered a reward to some locals for info on dog fighting …. mostly happens in PE. But no dog is safe … my gardener who was walking my German Shepherd last week and a young white guy offered him R4000 for my dog – not in the least concerned that it was a beloved pet to someone.

  44. I wholeheartedly Agree with the Register, but telling me I cannot walk my dog is Ludicrous. Hope they will enforce what they preach and also neuter ALL the Pittbulls in the informal settlements. I have photos of dogs in the informal Settlements on short chains, kept in Cages in backyards etc. SICK!
    But telling I cannot walk my baby in Public? You have got to be kidding.

  45. Its unfortunate that dogs need to suffer irrespective of breed. Yes, pitbulls have been under the spotlight for sometime and only because they got into the wrong hands. Being a breeder myself (not pitbulls) I think that permits etc should rather be attached to whether dogs have undergone formal training and socialising and should be for all breeds. I agree with many comments posted on the forum but also understand the concerns of the general public. All dog owners should have their dogs enrolled for formal training and owners should be found competent to own pets.

  46. what utter nonsense to ban the dogs from walking. my worsies are more vicious than my pitts. i walk them on a decent leash and all that the pitts want to do is walkies. it is the other dogs in the streets that want to take them on and then the people want to blame the “vicious” dogs.

    expand your horisions and come to a pitt show and you will see that they are brilliant animals and much loved nursemaids of their owners babies and their families and not only aggressive as portrait.

    my daughter’s pitt is very involved in her coming baby and they have let her get involved from the time she found out she was pregnant and the dog protects my daughter and loves licking her stomach to greet the upcoming baby.

  47. Court case taking place tomorrow for pitbull fighting incident, if you are in Knysna tomorrow and passionate about these beautiful dogs please join the protest.

      • Spread the word 🙂 paid a visit to Cindy (the pitpull whose ears were cut off with a scissors) apparently by children in the location. She is up for adoption and recovering. Visit her at George SPCA. She was in the news paper a few weeks ago.

  48. what nonsense, such a lack of understanding and education about the breed gives them no right to ban owners from walking their dogs. I have yet to see a well cared for and trained pitbull attack, at the pitbull pride walks or running off the leash at the beach or in a park, this breed is so misunderstood. How can they pass laws without understanding the subject fully? How can they ban walking your dog anywhere in public, these animals need exercise and a lot of it, banning them from the public eye will just make people more fearful of these animals when they do bump into one, its just raising fear instead of making the public more aware of this breeds gentle nature.

    Do they ban casinos because of gambling, liquor stores because of alcoolism etc…no they sort the HUMANS behind the problem out…sort these pigs out that use this breeds desire to please its master against itself. Im all for getting permits for this breed and even enforcing that they be sterile if you are not a licensed breeder, hell even enforce taking your dog to training classes, but banning them from public is ridiculous! This is the most social breed I know!

  49. I agree with the registering of our animals and signing up for dog training and perhaps a license BUT just because people own a pit bull, that dog is banned from public?(which is NOT a specific breed actually!) “The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the so-called bully breeds often labelled a pit bull. In fact, “pit bull” isn’t a breed, but a term used to describe the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.” In an effort to have a well balanced dog, and be a responsible dog owner, of any breed really, one has to socialise the animal with all walks of life & other dogs. How are we supposed to do that if we cannot walk the dog? I suggest consulting a dog behaviourist to check. Yes there have been pitbull attacks, and they are always widely sensationalised, but what about the other dog breeds that attack? My vet is more wary of Labradors that pitbulls. Food for thought – “In the 70’s the blamed Dobermans, in the 80’s they blamed German Shepherds, in the 90’s Rotweilers. Now they blame the Pitbulls. WHEN will they blame the humans!”

      • If examples of attacks must be listed. Why not list the pitties that are well behaved, socialized and loved. To show people that if raised the right way, it a fantastic loyal and lovable dog. No wonder they are called “Nanny dogs”. I myself have 2 rescued pitties and would not trade them for anything.

    • Absolutely … well said … the humans are the negative factor here. Pits need to be walked and swim .. they are very active and like any dog get frustrated when they are not worked / walked.

  50. Responsible Pitt bull owners neuter their dogs, do not cut ears or tails.. and they micro chip their animals. Rather add that into the By-Law… and not only for Pitt bulls, but for any canine

  51. By not allowing the dog, even on a leash, to be walked, is going to create exactly the scenario they are trying to avoid. Frustrated pent up Pitt Bulls. How short sighted and uniformed can any one be. Did they get any professional advice before deciding this?

  52. Everyone should adopt a pitbull, it’s a life changing experience. Why treat this breed like a monster when they are raised by monsters, organisations and the law enforcement should spend time in the areas where dog fighting occurs and where dogs are abused on a daily basis! Discipline irresponsible owners NOT the pitbulls and the owners who give these dogs a second chance!!!

    • So very true. This is insane, it is PEOPLE that is the monsters not the dog !!!!!!! I whish I could rip apart those we breed this lovely animals purely for fighting

  53. hey the “baboon problem” is a people problem. I would hate to see our municipality try and apply laws regarding babs, unless it was to enforce the laws- stop people feeding and shooting the baboons with firecrackers, paint ball, pellet guns and real guns.
    Sometimes we see the leashed pitbulls being walked on the beach, and although I was frightened of them, nothing bad has happened. We also saw them “training” the pit bulls by throwing them into the sea. I feel sorry for the animals that will be euthanased, their only crime- being a pit bull owned by a dog fighting gang. Lastly- the bush is full of wild animals, and I don’t like the idea of them being let loose in wild areas either. Some pit bulls are as gentle as lambs- it is how they are raised and loved. Now they are also not allowed in public.

  54. I agree with Michael Wood re dogs are what owners make of them – if they are taught aggression they will be vicious. I have also seen many pit bulls in Sedgefield and have always checked them for fighting scars. They are in immaculate condition – a status symbol within the community. However my concerns are the dogs we DON’T see out on leashes being walked … They are the ones being kept locked up and used for fighting. My concern is what happens to all the confiscated pit bulls? Euthanasia? The problem is not the dog being walked on the leash, that most likely is a socialised animal – the problem lies beyond that ….

    • Debra, that’s terrific to hear. I’ve seem some amazing ones in Knysna too. My concern is that they always seem young so i can’t help but wonder if they have a different future. I do agree that the biggest culprits will have their animals locked up, not out for a stroll at Brenton where the world can see their crime.

  55. Can’t walk the dog in public on a leash? So if it’s a bona fide pet, it must stay cooped up in a yard, getting frustrated and dangerous. If it is being bred for fighting, how would one know? Rather let people walk the dog, drawing attention to themselves, so that it is known who is involved, and the dog fighting can be brought down.
    Yes, pit bulls can be vicious, but can also be loving and placid if raised that way, equally, any dog can be brought up really vicious and a danger to the public. (I knew a very vicious labrador)

    • There is some clause about the size of a property and the space needed for dogs but i don’t see local law enforcement being diligent on that. He;;. they haven’t got the pig problem sorted yet. or the baboon problem. Maybe it will be used as extra weight on very bad owners targeted.

    • I agree with you Keith. Banning pitbulls in public areas only serves to help dogfighters stay undercover. Laws need to be changed to make owners more resposinible. A schoolfreind has just lost her sister to being malled to death by pitbulls in East London. Those dogs have attacked before and are still alive.

      • If you have a complaint or suggestion to make, then you must chat to Corporate Services ( and the Chairperson of Governance ( as quickly as possible as it will all be made law next Council Meeting – email both. They may say that public discussion is over but that can be reopened as it’s yet to be approved. You can also bug your ward councillor. In addition to the pit bull issue, you should ask for the full, proposal called ‘By-Law Relating to the Keeping of Dogs’.

    • Hi Keith,

      I agree with you, it is not a breed specific item. Bylaws should be in place irrespective of a specific dog breed, perhaps indicating that if a dog is involved in any public incident of aggression etc intervention has to apply and that specific dog then needs to go to dog training, dog behaviour consult etc or wear a muzzle etc, depending on the nature and number of incidents. failure to comply to these will then result in fines to the owner and as a last resort the dog being taken to the SPCA – IRRESPETIVE OF BREED.

      Harsher laws and fines against animal cruelty and dog fighting should also be implemented.

      Dog fighting rings are usually “under ground” but there are usually tell tale signs. Rather implement a “reward” system where people providing information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of dog fighters will get a reward. This will cost the Municipality (rate payers) a few posters and articles and probably have a bigger rate of success. This will be a lot cheaper than trying to enforce bylaws, that will probably not have any real impact on the problem and may only result in innocent pets being killed.

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