Pledge to Green at Knysna’s Malls — No Comments

  1. Hi Mike, I was volunteering at the Knysna Mall Pledging station. The Mall management kindly allowed us inside due to the bad weather. We got many people to make pledges, and definitely had some sort of impact. having freebies to give away was lovely bribery, and it worked. I was there to promote our Earthworm Bob easy earthworm farms, and vermicomposting in general. The woodmill Lane station was much more successful- they ran out of paper and had an excellent response from the locals there. I should have set up there, as it wasn’t so easy in the Mall, but it was still fun and definitely worth it.

    • That’s great to hear. I was worried about the weather. I passed by Chaplin’s later in the day. The girls there had ducked into the passageway. I got my green fridge magnet.

      Thanks for the photos. If you write me a description paragraph (100 words will do) to accompany them, i’ll make a post at