Plett ANC Issues a Statement — No Comments

  1. Wow, is this the same ANC that did not allow the council business to proceed for 3 to 4 months after they lost power in Bitou ?? Is this the same ANC that ran up R.300 million in debt and left it to the rate payers to pick up the tab. Is this the same ANC that allowed the Mayor to purchase the most expensive vehicle of any municipal executive in the whole country, and then cost the rate payers nearly R200K just to get rid of the car…….

    Item no 9 above……. should actually read ANC not DA……… shew such hypocrisy……

    • The ANC should absolutely be questioned! But that does not excuse what the DA is doing. Both have no excuse for the way they’ve treated Plett!!! As for the car issue, that’s more specific i.e. Memory Booysen proved to be the biggest hypocrite.

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