Plett DA Loses Court Case to Brian Molefe — 3 Comments

  1. I quote from the Mayor’s 1st and 5th letters: The promise – “A court order is very expensive – we estimate over R300 000 – but I want to assure you that this cost will not be borne by our ratepayers and will be recovered from those who broke the law, opposed the application and caused the expense.” The excuse (and a blatant lie I might add) – “The issue of costs has been raised in relation to what I had said in the past regarding the recovery of costs in this matter. The question of whether or not the costs in the matter were fruitless and wasteful and should be recovered is one which will in any event, by law, be considered separately by the committee established for that purpose. There is a process to be followed.” The municipality’s attorney was quickly paid (and FAR more than R300 000-00) from the municipal’s coffers soon after this letter and the committee was never established. Lastly I wish to quote Vlok, the Chairman of the Plett Ratepayers Association: “As the Ratepayers Association and our members we have work hard to campaign for the DA to win in Bitou and now that they are therewe willl work to keep them there come hell or high water”
    Vlok you should be ashamed of yourself. If you have ONE ounce of integrity you should resign and move to another town where you can act stupid and blind there. We honestly can do without your kind in Plett thank you. Please note that this example is only one of many, as we all (who do not sheepishly believe every word from the DA and their news papers) know by now.

  2. And there is many more to come! Fruitless and wasteful expenditure will be recovered from these baffoons. Who are these lawyers who are advicing this municipality. Is it “Real Lawyer Perino” or John Gillespie? Please Memory get yourselves proper lawyers! It is estimated that since the DA came into power they have wasted close R5 million on legal fees. Some guys a milking this cow!

    • With that first court case (which they lost on 6 accounts), they were so egotistical in their confidence of winning that they said the public wouldn’t have to cough up. But since they lost, have they shown leadership in accepting defeat and sourcing the money from elsewhere – no! Instead, they just stopped referring to it. That was probably near a million bucks – thieving politicians.

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