Plett People’s Climate March — No Comments

  1. A good time to bring up the issue of fracking. Proponents are arguing that shale gas from fracking will produce less greenhouse gasses than coal, but at best it is only about 30% less, and recent studies show that unaccounted for leaks of gas, actually make it worse than coal.
    Untapped resources, it turns out, are best left untapped, and energy needs to be harnessed from abundant local sources like sun, wind, tides and sewage.
    Methane is the biggest threat to global climate. The methane trapped in the frozen tundra will be released, potentially causing dramatic climate change, leaks from fracking operations and methane released from our sewage and landfills will add to this scenario.
    The solution – harvest methane from our sewage and landfills to generate electricity, leave the shale gas underground, and build in carbon capture and storage (ccs) technology to the coal plants.
    Localisation is key. teach permaculture principles at schools so everyone can start growing food organically at home, leading to food security, community spirit and peace and prosperity.

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