Plettenberg Bay on Verge of ANC Takeover — No Comments

  1. Mike, the amnesty period for submitting building plans ends on 30June – monday. It is not intended for developers, but for the public to regularise the building plans on their property. This should in any case be extended for a year. As the amnesty only applies to the fines that are applicable, there are still often departure applications, consent use and re-zonings that are required, and the cost of having plans drawn up on short notice, by registered professionals.

  2. Sec 37 of the systems act outline powers and functions of the speaker.on of those power is to lead and direct council, to determine venue , date and agenda of council. .but when majority of councillors by way of petition sighed by notmore than 50%the speaker must convince that council meeting. .or else he will be acting ultra vires. And those opposition must take him to court.

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