Plett’s DA Speaker Loses Big Time — No Comments

  1. What the hell is wrong with us, why are we all so angry? I want to do something to make a difference but I dont know what? I am frustrated and angry at our politicians right now. Are there any honest and trustworthy politicians left?

    • You can be positive in action by always questioning so that you find the true version of events. Then you tell as many people as possible. And if you believe you find some of that truth here or on another site, share that link with as many people as possible. The internet is one of the few mediums that can present both sides. In time it, and the courts, will get traditional media to be more honest.

  2. Thank God for JEF who is willing to use our legal systems to get solutions ofr the unjust and unconstitutional behaviour by a person like Brummer. I read the judgement and I love the judge! honest and straight forward judgement. WE cannot afford autocratic and power mongrels like Brummer. His action is costing the taxpayers close a million rand in legal cost.
    Who must now cough up for his actions? Will these legal cost be recovered during the adjustment budget through increase in rates and taxes? Why is the DA supporters so quiet? is this not wasting taxpayers money? Is this the same DA who said they believe in the truth during the election campaign but even MEC Donald Grant and Mayor Memory Booysen who lied about the Mayoral X5? Sjoe are these the leaders who will govern Plett for a few years?

    People of Knysna should start to ask the question why taxpayers money was used to settle with Mr Johnny Douglas whilst he could have worked out his contract until December.

    Who’s really the mayor of knysna the deputy of Georlene? How is the budget of Knysna Tourism spent? Who’s the service providers who benefit out of the R4,2M? What reral tourism development is taking place?

    I am just wondering when will the people of Knysna realise that we are not immune to the stuff that happens in Plett?

    I will make sure that I contribute my part for a peacefull Garden Route!!!

    • Trust me, i’ve asked those very questions here at The KEEP. I haven’t forgotten the Tourism issue and justice and responsibility will be sought and gained in time. As for Johnny Douglas, i’ve raised that issue loudly too.

  3. That was my line I am afraid. But let me repeat myself. Yes the DA lost. But what was it all about? Yes, they should rethink their approach. But to what? What is the underlying problem? Why did they seek an interdict? Was this a victory for the ANC, the lawyers, good governance, the residents in Plett?

    Who won what? Justice? Whats Justice?

    • Mark, the reason Brummer went to Court is because he sought to enforce a series of unlawful directions at the Council meeting of 29 June. But Cloete AJ held that at the Council meeting of 29 June, Brummer unlawfully refused Mvimbi an opportunity to address the meeting on a certain issue. When Mvimbi objected, Brummer expelled him from the meeting. Cloete AJ held that the 27 second exchange between Brummer and Mvimbi, which led to the latter’s expulsion, did not warrant such an extreme sanction. Mvimbi stated his objection twice and addressed Brummer with respect and restraint. Cloete AJ held that Brummer’s direction that Mvimbi be expelled from the meeting was premature, arbitrary and unconstitutional.

      Significantly, Cloete AJ expressed grave concern regarding misleading and inaccurate official press statements issued by Brummer in his capacity as spokesperson of the municipality. The judge noted that Brummer’s account of events are contradicted by the transcriptions of the recordings of the meetings.

      Unfortunately, instead of reading the judgment, you appear to insist that “where there is smoke there must be a fire”. It is for this reason, that Brummer’s abuse of his office is such a serious matter.

      When the public reads press statements issued by the ANC, the DA or COPE, they understand that it reflects the party’s position. However, when reading a Speaker’s press statements, one does not view it with the same suspicion as party statements, precisely because one expects Speakers of legislative bodies to act impartially and in a non-partisan manner.

      I recommend you read the jugdment before making comments such as that Brummer went to court for a reason…

      • Mark presents a problem which is epidemic in SA i.e. no matter how much you try reason, no matter what you say, you will be called unreasonable by someone who doesn’t have to make an effort nor provide reason beyond rhetorical questions and name calling. It’s not only on his side. There are others doing exactly the same on the opposite river bank. It’s shouldn’t be a matter of the ANC on one side and the DA on the other. There is wrong and good in all people e.g. a criminal is a criminal no matter what party they belong to. Same applies to the innocent.

        Personally, i believe that there should be urgency towards getting the truth otherwise our country will sink deeper into the abyss. After the death of newspeak, i can only hope that all politicians commit to action that acknowledges the motto of “serve the public”. We are far from that but one of the The KEEP’s goals is to contribute towards that true destination.

        • Could not have stated it better, Wickedmike. Regardless of the logo emblazoned on the politician’s t-shirt, the focus should be on the effective allocation and management of resources to benefit all. We should be wary of reverting to that old “ons en hulle” mentality. One’s political party affiliation, if any, should not blind one to misallocation or misuse of scarce resources. As voters, it is our responsibility to be informed and take active part in civil society. I can only agree with great minds such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and political activist, Zachie Achmat, when they say that the future of SA depends not on politicians or political parties, but upon an active and engaged civil society.

  4. Brummer is a loose cannon, yes. But why was he applying for an interdict? Am I incorrect in saying that the Municipal structures set up by the ANC have been seen to obstruct the DA led Council in their attempts to take office and lead Council? Did the local ANCYL not threaten to make Plett ungovernable? Or was that all hogwash and lies perpetrated by the DA controlled media?

    Is the ANC in Plett committed to working with the DA to ensure that the Municipality delivers the services that are needed? Is the ANC committed to working with the DA in the Province? Or is this merely about power and the right to abuse the privileges of office? Has the ANC not vowed to make the province ungovernable?

    I think a little balance and objectivity is called for.

    • Please try for a balanced view. Your comments are always one-way. The judgement is available for download. If you read it, the same judge the DA praised was incredibly damning of the case. If a judge can, can’t you concede a little towards justice, this time, too?

  5. The silence of the mainstream media can only be called deafening! This case again highlights the absolute bias of 99% of the media on the Gardenroute. Right2know se voet, we need a media tribunal.

    Thank you JEF for using the courts to fight some of the issues in the process guarding the peace on the gardenroute. I’m sure ANCYL must have been a handful during your negotiations and that this judgement will go along way in helping to maintain the peace you’ve brokered!

    I know Mr Mvimbi and can only say I hold him in high regard. Everyone who knows him will agree he is a very humble, decent person whom I continue to respect!

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    • There has certainly been bias. Just chatting to locals in Knysna about Plett shows the unfortunate result of such lies:(

  6. Well done JEF and Hardy! This is not the first time and certainly not the last where this Undemocratic Alliance is wasting tax payers money in fruitless litigation. This is the only way we are going to deal with them (through the courts) The DA council must please treat this expense as fruitless and wasteful expenditure and record same in their annual financial statements as required by the MFMA. They have done the same at Eden, incurring fruitless and wasteful expenditure by fighting the DA’s legal battles with public funds and after they got the vote from an ignorant electorate they had written it off. We will raise funds for JEF in order to protect the citizens of our respective towns.

  7. I want to make one or two comments about this article and the judgment. Firstly, this article proves that the DA is continuing the old regime’s habit of abusing and manipulating the media and feeding lies to the public. Unfortunately, they do this very succssfully as you mention most people you speak with supports the DA, not knowing at all what the true state of affairs are.

    Secondly, in this specific instance it is also worth noting that nobody sued the Municipality or the DA, it was in fact they who instituted the fruitless litigation. In fact, it was a lone-ranger type litigation, but, it was supported and approved by the DA council.

    Thirdly, the costs of this little personal battle of the Speaker will end up probably costing much more than R500K. That would more than likely be the amount taxed from the opposing side, and then the Municipality will also have to foot the bill of their own attorneys and advocates, which should be in the same region. So, all in all, approximately R1milion in tax money allready wasted ny one man in the DA run council, and that within their first 100 days in control?! How rich it is for them to then launch all sorts of investigations into alleged irregular spending by the previous council (I recall something of 27 odd Sprinbokkies at a hotel). What does that investigation cost the tax payers?

    If you have ever had a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle, erm, black…

    • More of a commentary than an article this time so thanks for the input. Rushed the typing as i’m off to the Council meeting this morning. The big point that i left out was certainly that the Speaker initiated this frivolous case. Ta.

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