Poll Result: Does Lauren Waring Respect the Public? — 2 Comments

  1. +R115 000 a month? In these economic times while most in Knysna earn a pittance-that is if they are lucky enough to even find work? What an absolute insult. DA, ANC they both the same, looking after themselves first and foremost. It is no wonder people get into politics as it pays so damn well-especially in South Africa and Knysna by the looks of it. Cry my beloved people

    • I may wish we were back to the days (not long ago) when serving Knysna was a service (i.e. you volunteered for the job) but i can handle someone earning big money if they are worth it. The BIG discrepancy here is that Lauren (and others) are prepared to outright lie to the public. Their claimed open door policy is an absolute mockery of English and us. I want a leader whose tough but fair, not tough on us.

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