The Possible Futures of South African Politics? — No Comments

  1. Little wonder that our patience is running out; that our anguished protests increase as we wrestle with deteriorating conditions of life; that those in power have no solutions. The scraps are left go to the emergent black elite; corruption has taken root as the greedy and ambitious fight like dogs over a bone.

    This descent into darkness must be curtailed. I do not believe the ANC alliance is beyond hope. There are countless good people in the ranks. But a revitalization and renewal from top to bottom is urgently required. The ANC’s soul needs to be restored; its traditional values and culture of service reinstated. The pact with the Rothschild financial devil needs to be broken.

    At present the impoverished majority do not see any hope other than the ruling party, although the ANC’s ability to hold those allegiances is deteriorating. The effective parliamentary opposition reflects big business interests of various stripes, and while a strong parliamentary opposition is vital to keep the ANC on its toes, most voters want socialist policies, not measures inclined to serve big business interests, more privatization and neoliberal economics. We have to look further into policies that don’t sit well with the failed elitist ideologies of the hegemonic old-guard western culture. Some form of socialism will have to play a part in a successful future SA.

    • Well written comment!

      There are good and bad people in both the ANC and the DA but the true test of them is not playing the ‘game of thrones’ but rather being responsible and moral enough to speak up against the wrongs in their parties so that they are corrected. Not naming problems doesn’t allow them to be fixed. Their silence is damaging to South Africa. As is the public’s.

      The next election will be more interesting than the last.

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