Provincial Leaders Get Their Scorecards — 2 Comments

  1. Well done Zille its just a pitty that the media is not watching your government so closely as they are watching the ANC led province. It is important that one should put the whole issue of the performance of provinces in perspective. The Western Cape even under the ANC control was always better-off then other provinces. This is nothing new Madam Zille! But the ANC P[remiers do not have a just excuse for performing so dismally.

    • As you well know, i am a critic of her because of Knysna but it is very important to give people their due. If the DA does something good, the ANC should applaud. If the ANC does good, the DA should applaud. Instead of reality, we’ve got excessive politicking that doesn’t present clear truth to the public. Too many damn shades of grey and black. A true leader learns from others no matter who they are. A leader such as that, in the long run, would be a long running leader because results for the public would have more meaning than election slanders. Yesterday, again, i told one of our local politicians that he should b doing the best job he can because continuously getting re-elected would not only help the town but also secure his and his family’s future. I get so tired of politicians looking for the big payoff. Shortsightedness is almost as bad as the lies that rip at South Africa’s thinning belly.

      PS: Thanks for being one of the regular commentators here.

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