R68 Million Plan to Stop Knysna Estuary Pollution — 4 Comments

  1. To the layman (ie me) it sounds pretty comprehensive, though apart from a minor reference to monthly river bank clean up, there is no mention (that my quick scanning could see) of the need for a significant effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste finding its way into the lagoon. Around Belvidere, the residents undertake periodic clean ups which produce a couple of bakkie loads of plastic pollution each time. What then of the remaining lagoon perimeter? Because our lagoon is such a fragile ecosystem I would also like to see it become a fisherman free zone (thus avoiding the miles of discarded line, some of which results in death and injury of birds, and also, unseen, of marine life). I can see there is fat chance of such a measure being taken but that is what a truly enlightened policy would produce.
    I’m curious that the wider news story (which is surely in general a positive development) should appear on The Keep rather than Love Knysna.

    • The Keep was actually intended for positive projects for change but, after i encountered the mess that calls itself our leadership, i realized that i’d have to poke through the cobwebs to find truth first. It would also be hypocritical of me not to give both sides of the argument here. The poo fiasco is one of those rare times that i’m able to. Keep in mind, however, that i have yet to trawl through past articles to determine how much Lauren Waring’s position has changed. Now may be different to what she was initially saying, when she was downplaying the problem. It may be that only because the topic caught the lips of the public so verbosely that she and Mayor Georlene Wolmarans have been forced to be more realistic with the problem.

      Regards litter, last week i watched a group of Knysna Estuary cleaners ignore 2 tires over the space of 20 metres.

      As for fishing, there aren’t that many of them and for some it’s subsistence. I’d much rather they stay…but be educated regards pollution and fined if they continue to do so.

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