Ralph Stander: “I Did Not Bribe Nevelle de Waal!” — 6 Comments

  1. They (Theuns and Brummer) were in SADF and all of them received training in counter intellegence and they are using that skill to their advantage in municipalities and in government.

    • I appreciate your input on my blog so please don’t misunderstand my intention. My goal is to get the truth.

      All people in the SADF did not get counter intelligence training. I’ve seen those accusations against Brummer before but nobody has ever proven that or a connection to the shit in Plett.

      It would be easy for someone to label me. I was in the Airforce. I debriefed pilots. I handled secret and top secret files of black people being killed in Umlazi. But…doesn’t that whole scenario change when had thought i was going to be on the run. That i met Terror Lekota secretly after his release from Robben Island. That the ANC etc. were unbanned timely (for my sake) so that instead of running i instead volunteered for national service so i could learn more…and during that volunteered for night shifts so i could break into the secret files and read what had gone on before, and educate myself on SA.

      I believe that it’s very important for us to find facts as much as possible. no generalizations and no name callings unless they’re explained. And, after all, haven’t these people done enough bad things that there can be valid finger-pointing and swearing?

  2. I am certainly not supprised by this whole saga. Theuns cut his teeth in the former SADF where they learned how to plant bombs in envelopes and to peddle propaganda and disinformation in order to protect apartheid. This is merely a pre-emptive strike by Theuns and his cronies to prevent certain disallusioned DA councillors from leaving the DA.

    • Yes, may well be pre-emptive. Think that it’s 37 senior staff removed in the Western Cape so far.

      Were you generalizing regards SADF? Or was Theuns in counter-intelligence. What proof is their of what Brummer did? Specifics always better. Generalizations don’t further clarity. there’s been too many “broad strokes” from both sides.

    • Life is choice. I would hope that all politicians would not do or do what they are pressurized to do. No matter the result, or the pain to them, financially or emotionally, they should always make the right choice.

      Personally, i hate this battle between the ANC, COPE and the DA. It would be the biggest joke ever if it were not for the fact that it affects the lives of all citizens. I’d much rather politicians got back to doing their jobs. Our country is in serious trouble and when the economic crisis fully hits us, there is likely to be protests on a much larger scale.

      There should be no more politicians appearing under different fancy dresses supplied by political parties. If any are truly unhappy then they should take the pay cut and then run as independents. Frankly, it’s more likely we’d be a step closer to democracy if they did.

      Politicians should start loving South Africa.

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