Raped and Stabbed and Shot at… — No Comments

  1. Its all about attitude , if only the police could be more tight in all specific location around knysna and maybe the government could try and create jobs for the unemployed and be strict on road for people under the influence of alcohol , but at the end of the day its all about attitude if changed into positive, knysna could be the most crime free place in south africa. (I don’t know if I made sense)

  2. It’s only one dubious transaction amongst many that I assume are best swept under the carpet. It’s one issue that raises many questions. Has Council been paid for the illegal acquisition of the property? And who profited from the compromising chain of events?

    As far as your budget goes can we not do coffee?

    • Being informed is important but being informed over coffee is important and pleasing:) Name a time this morning?

  3. When talking about audits and fraud investigations, do you have any idea if anyone is looking at the Oyster Walk debacle? Stan Davis a previous DA Mayor rubber stamped a dubious transaction dreamt up some of the most infamous public figures in Knysna and then managed to silence the only women mad enough to challenge the cover up. The property on which the development has taken place was sold for a mere R2 million which at the time construction started had still not been paid. I think it would be interesting to establish who made what from “options” that lapsed and expired on more than one occasion.

    • Are you talking about separate issues or one? That i’m asking means i’m ignorant. I’ve been approached about the public on issues from cronyism and illegal dumping to racism at Pezula. There is a litany of problems in Knysna that need looking into. I run on no budget and currently have no income so it’s already a challenge as it is i.e. i can’t look into all. But i do store things away for later so please send me information. Additionally, if each person pursued a complaint, Knysna would become a better, more honest town. You and others should stand up!

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