Rebutting the DA’s Lies in Plett – Part 1 — 4 Comments

  1. What is worse is the fact that the owners of Scorp security has not an inch of experience in this sector. They stole a previous company called pro-acts and over night started scorp security. The company profile they send to canvass for new clients is a total lie, nothing in their profile is true.

  2. Scorp Security – Has not paid any of their registration fees to PSIRA as of yet and some of the bodyguards are not PSIRA registered. Scorp Security to date cannot provide a tax clearance certificate to the municipality, as there is major tax issues with this company. Some security guards are not even PSIRA registered as is required by law. How they still remain as a security services provider is mind blowing.

  3. What a mess! Admittedly, as a business owner, I hesitate to put my name to comments regarding our small town. Nevertheless, I do want public servants to spend more time doing their jobs than fighting politics.

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