SA Government Pays R40 million for $40 WordPress Website Theme — 9 Comments

  1. Update (you can read the full article at http://mg.co.za/article/2013-03-12-00-mystery-surrounding-free-state-website-deepends):

    According to the allegations, the Letlaka Group – which benefitted from the contentious R40-million website – was paid tens of millions of rand for work that was not properly put out to tender.

    Chief among the claims included:

    Payment of R2.6-million for the management of the premier’s 2009 state of the province address
    A R4.175-million advertising contract being awarded to the Weekly newspaper, allegedly owned and run by Letlaka, without going to tender
    Landing a R300 000 monthly contract for the printing and distribution of government marketing material
    Receiving R12-million annually for Hlasela TV, which Letlaka manages and broadcasts to 100 public buildings and institutions in the Free State

    The DA further claimed the provincial government spent an estimated R1.6-million on adverts in 88 adverts in just 10 editions of the Weekly over a three month period.

    “Ninety-nine percent of Letlaka’s money comes from the Free State provincial government,” Kopane added.

    “If it were not for the patronage that is dished out to this company by Ace Magashule, it would have gone out of business a long time ago.”

  2. Wow,

    why have they done this? Is it incompetence, ignorance or is it in fact corruption? You have to be stupid as hell to be willing to pay R40 million for a WordPress blog. Most of the themes on there are in fact free and even a 12year old school kid can create a website with it.

    At least it’s a great advertisement for WordPress (maybe?). This “company” Cherry Online Design should pay back the money immediately.

    • Thanks for your input. Fascinating and disturbing. Imagine that multiplied by every department in our country. A R40 million waste becomes a drop in the corrupt ocean.

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