Saluting You (The Small Business Owner)

brave small business owners south africa

Electricity surges like only electricity can
Rates make a date with government
like only government can

The politicians fight in a way
that makes no difference
to my brother’s drug addiction,
my daughter’s primary school fees,
my matriculating son’s future
or my stressed spouse’s opinion of me

Yet I open the doors to my business everyday…
plotting revised adverts and word of mouth specials
to locals in the same position as me
whilst wondering which staff member
I will have to let go next,
maybe someone in worse position than me

I open my doors because survival is better than failure
and courage more human than depression

I open the doors with the determination to be me
…in the company of many, like me,

just wanting to Be…

…to be free.

(Dedicated to the town of Knysna in recession)