Same Shit Different Government by Mike Hampton (DA corruption) release dates‘Same Shit Different Government’ is a unique series of books by Mike Hampton describing political corruption in South Africa. This is the first time the crimes of the ‘liberal’ Democratic Alliance party are being addressed by an author.

The first book, ‘The Corruption & The Intimidation’, will be released on 1 April 2019. Considering the cruel joke that selfish politics has become, April Fool’s Day is appropriate. Until the release date, explore this website and say hello on Facebook.

The second book, ‘The Devil, The Deaf & The Dead’, will be released in September 2019.


Mike Hampton activist - sidebar“Bad people are trying to destroy me. They’ll probably succeed. But I’m hitting back as hard as I can. By publishing these books, I’m breaking several court orders issued by questionable magistrates benefiting the interests of a political party. Warrants of arrest will be issued.

But I can’t be silent. I must warn you.

And I’m hoping that the truth and the publicity you readers give me attracts the attention of President Cyril Ramaphosa, makes Parliament finish the job they started, provides me protection, saves the town of Knysna, and helps challenge the corruption that’s destroying South Africa.

Devils, even blue ones, must be fought! And the Constitution must be repaired.”

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) is the main opposition party to the scandal addicted African National Congress (ANC). Whereas the corruption of the ANC has been well advertised by forces aligned to the ‘liberal’ movement, the DA has had a free ride… until now.

The author became an activist and citizen journalist after stumbling into DA crime that stretched from his home town of Knysna to the party’s leadership. He soon discovered that the DA operated from the shadows, through propaganda and intimidation. To silence him, they repeatedly took him to court whilst running a disinformation campaign that labelled him as a sociopath and a danger to children. He found himself broke and alone in a fearful town.


Same Shit Different Government Part 1 by Mike Hampton (DA corruption ebook)‘Same Shit Different Government: Part 1 – The Corruption & Intimidation’ relates Hampton’s 9-year battle. He lists the bulk of the corruption and the dirty tactics used against him.

For DA supporters, this is the book they won’t want to read but it’s the most essential. It shatters the illusion that the DA are the good guys, proving that they’ve hypocritically been marketing themselves as the anti-corruption party. The DA is a devil to be afraid of.

This book is a warning to South Africa about false hope. It doubles as demand to President Cyril Ramaphosa to uphold his promise to punish those who hurt South Africa.


The series is accompanied by a corruption library. Links within the books will take you to forensic reports, court documents, social media propaganda screenshots and more. Be your own detective. Make your own mind up.


The digital books are available in epub, mobi and pdf formats (choose from the drop-down menu on purchase). For pdf lovers, note that it’s in one-and-a-half line spacing with gaps between paragraphs.


To know what happens in between books, subscribe to Mike Hampton’s blog on this website and visit his page on Facebook.


Read ‘Same Shit Different Government: Part 1 – The Corruption & Intimidation’.

Discover psychopaths, fraudsters, witches (seriously), greedy politicians, self-serving officials, media bias and the death of liberalism.

Discover the DA you don’t want to know.

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