Is There a Scary Media Race War Against White South Africans? — No Comments

  1. I did not want to comment, but I am doing so now. What is happening here is what had been predicted long before liberation. The class struggle is in full swing and much more is coming. The Marikana incident and all the service delivery protest are all symptoms of the poor masses been treated like animals by not only the white capitalist but also the government. The problem is that after 1994 the new democratic government continued with the same economic system of the old regime and even the skewed apartheid spatial planning is the order of the day. Black townships in the northern areas are for the blacks. Coloureds want their houses in for example Hornlee. The poor whites are still staying in council owned accommodation in town. Unemployment amongst coloureds and Africans is ay an all time high. The poor are frustrated and it is at boiling point. Than we have the arrogance of many of our white compatriots who are treating blacks like scum. This is a recipe for disaster and if these issues are not going to be addressed by all of us, we all will be affected one way or another.

    • To clarify, “white and black capitalist and mostly non-white government.” The blame must be all round and fair. And racism is a two-way street, hectic in all directions and amplifying. Yes, it is a class warfare but the poor are not treating it as that. They rebel and burn and scream but far too often motivated by the next wannabe politician who isn’t going to end the cycle. Destruction needs to be replaced with organisation if there’s to be eventual win. Instead, there only seems to be “a recipe for disaster” in which we will all lose. As much as i love our country and try play some part in fighting for her, there’s still that feeling in the pit of my tummy that wishes i had a back-up home on a peaceful island.

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