Are Schools Killing the Creativity Needed for an Unpredictable Future — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about schools. Yes, our schools have some major problems, with their systems, the curriculum, the environment, the teachers. But the lesson to learn is that school is not necessary to learn the three R’s, or in fact anything academic, school is there to learn about other people, and just scrapes the surface in that respect.
    While home schooling is great for some, the isolation from a wider spectrum of the community is often a problem.

    All the stuff you need to learn is available from some of the best teachers in the world, for free on the internet. So schools need to adapt their approach to be facilitators in the education process, yes, but you will still be forced to integrate with people that you may never have known if isolated in a home or community school environment.

    I went through a system that was designed to indoctrinate the children, and came out with a greater understanding of the nature of the society that created the system, and the indoctrination failed. That was in the ’70’s – now it is so much easier to get another opinion on issues, and to fact check your teachers.

    School of the future needs to instil innovation, social responsibility, global awareness, integrity, ethics, collaboration, etc, the list is long- and to get children out of their parents influence for a few hours, where they can start to develop their own personalities.

    • Fab and insightful comment. I understand the need for homeschooling because, in particular, high schools are failing and the world is a more dangerous place. But if high school were that same ‘indoctrination’ as it was when i was a kid, even though i hated it, i would want parents to choose that because, as you said, they need the social environment, they need to learn how to deal with all kinds of people.

  2. I can relate very much to Robinson’s speech. As a fourteen year old, without consulting me or my parents, my school took me off art, because I was crap at physics. I was top of the class in art, and bottom in physics. After a further four years studying this god awful branch of science, I was still bottom of the class (though I did scrape through a Scottish Higher Certificate with a ‘C’ pass). I never got back to art and have regretted it my entire life. Robinson would have argued that the creativity in me was ‘educated out.’ Pity he hadn’t made his speech in 1966.

    • I did well until i rebelled at the end but school was absolute torture. I would go to bed with my tummy in knots at the thought of school the next day. I even rewrote the curriculum, suggesting useful things like first aid, but the teachers weren’t impressed. But, at the end of it, i landed up in Knysna and you landed up in Belvidere as a beekeeper. Maybe it’s just that teachers work in mysterious ways – ha ha.

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