The Scramble for Water in Eden & the Central Karoo (Part 1) — 5 Comments

  1. Maybe a fluoride story would help people understand they are being poisoned? There a many countries that have begun to chuck this poison these days.

  2. One of the wide ranging relief actions I would like to see is to get rid of the fluoride in the water system immediately. This shit is dumbing the population faster than the education system, and that takes some doing.

    • Thank god you started with an IQ of 199. At 131, you’re still functional enough to comment on this blog:)

      Be active. Compose your fluoride evidence and send a query to the Municipal manager.

      • For two years I have written to everyone from the the mayor to the king of the Zulu’s and nary a single one of the lazy, fat, good for fuck all leeches comes back to me. Like most things to do with our corrupt MP’s and town officials these days, information is hard to come by and nobody will bother to address a hot topic. What happened to public accountability?

        • Yes, they are like that. The modern definition of government is akin to the royalty of old. Either you have power or you’re a peasant. How dare a peasant such as Patrick question and expect a response:)

          Locally, the DA’s campaign promise for transparency in Knysna was simple propaganda exchanged for votes by voters who don’t care about controlling their own destiny.

          But imagine if there wasn’t just me…but a me and you = 2…becomes 3…makes 100 who were questioning them…and suing them collectively for compromising our civil rights to a fair life in Knysna.

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