Sexy Butterfly

sexy butterfly

The gentle snow of a full moon’s face
caressed my soul like dew-wet lace
Whirled away into that purity of a fantasy moment
by the rose beauty of your debonair smile,
I felt the loosening of my chains of exile

Your inner voice spoke to me from the world of one eye
It was the pained plea of the golden butterfly:
“Help me, I’ve been hurt”
My arms, like story castles, yearned to enfold you,
this swelling emotion for presence so new

Flung into your other eye, I became a dove
and raced your currents of longed for loves:
Magic, mystery and animal freedom
From high, I watched you ride
the black stallion like nature’s wife,
fulfilling desire, having sex with life

Now, I’m by promise with you entwined,
a response to dripping diamonds
that left our friendship refined
Walk forward with me, holding my hand
We’re outsiders of imperfection
searching for the wells of perception.