Shaun van Eck Suspended! — 4 Comments

  1. Whatever happened to the Togetherness diatribes of early 2011 from the DA? Reminds me of a line from Bill Hicks way back… “Together, we can deny them a future. Together, we can drain them of hope. Together, we can gang-fuck the poor.”

    • That died the moment it left their lips…along with their open door policy, transparency promise, statement to catch the criminals and be fiscally tight. Instead, council’s a bickering session, they wouldn’t reveal the tourism budget breakdown, they caught no one and gave Johnny Douglas, the ex-municpal manager a 7-figure handshake…and then rewarded themselves with an increase (a salute to The Recession).

  2. I thought of you immediately upon getting this juicy bit of news. I will be hoping that you’ll be putting on your extra-heavy hob-nailed boots for some serious arse kicking in the very near future.
    Bring on the Games.

    This mess has got to stop and maybe a petition like drive across Knysna would galvanise the DA into some positive action. Maybe even a South Africa wide drive. Opportunity knocks loudest when hurrying.

    • I had placed hope in the DA but now i have zero faith in them. They’ve proven to be as untrustworthy as the ANC. The tourism budget is a perfect example. Party politics has screwed up the Garden Route. We don’t have leaders here, just puppets with hollow actions dancing to the tune of provincial leaders. And, unfortunately, with tourism being our town’s main income provider, Tourism cannot escape politics (hell, there’s 3 councillors on the current Tourism Board). But, yes, a lot of arse kicking needs to be done.

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