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  1. Further to my recent comment on the state of the Thesen Island Canals I have had a meeting with Prof Allenson on site where i able to show him the state of the water and the effect that the latest pollution has had on the .Mooring Area adjacent to the Sawtooth buildings and the south entrance to the TI canals. All the marine life which was flourishing ashort while ago has gone.There is no redbait,no crabs ,no shrimps ,nofish, noseaslugs, no seagrass . nothing!! except for sea lettuce and various types of algae which are flourishing due to the high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen. I am sure that with the passing of time life will return,but at what cost ? we really dont seem to know.
    I note with interest that in todays Herald in an article on the event by Janine Oelofse {page 4} an ecological disaster was avoided. Well i dont think our powers realise what that means.

    • That’s horrifying! I’m guilty of not following up sooner. I’ve been so busy, battling to manage what’s on my plate but the estuary must be a prerogative. If any member of the public has information to share, please mail me at I will pursue other avenues as well.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that we have had catastrophic pollution in the Thesen Island Canals. Where our boat is moored on the Dry Mill canal, where there was a healthy collection of sealife growing on the walk-on, there is now only a type of green weed attached to the floats and also floating adjacent to the jetties. I note that the majority of slugs, of which there where many feeding on the seagrass, have also disappeared along with the grass. There is a complete absence of mullet and far less birds than last year.

    • That’s awful to hear. The municipality, whether ANC before or DA now, do not keep the public informed. Too many things are covered up in the name of Tourism. But cover-ups do not make problems into prerogatives so that they are solved quicker. What they aren’t saying now is that the sewage works is hopelessly outdated. A new one needs to be be built. The huge cost is beyond our town which, sadly, would mean “privatization”. And that’s before we try address sewage from higher areas which, if there’s bad piping, could enter the estuary via groundwater. Then there’s Total Garage, right next door to the Knysna estuary, which had a major leak in it’s tanks (why it’s been closed for 6 months). No one’s talking about that! I truly wish i had a team to take on all Knysna’s issues. Truth = knowledge = solutions or acceptance.

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