Shock as Knysna’s ex-ANC Mayor Turns DA Blue (Part 2) — No Comments

  1. The term once a politician always a politician comes to mind. It is unfortunate that though many start off with ethical ideas and ideologies, once in power these go out of the window. Will Eleanor be of true benefit to our town? This I suppose, will only be answered in due course. Knysna has an unfortunate track record of people coming to power on one ticket then “changing” their minds. Is this truly helpful to the town? The day politics plays no part in municipal governance will be the day when municipalities once again truly serve their communities.

    • It is a truism. I understand that we need experience but Council needs more newcomers (with no political history) for check and balance. No matter how critical i am, i am also hoping that she is part of much-needed change. It will come down to whether she will choose to do the right thing or become another servant to Cape Town and a pay cheque.

  2. Mike, many of us would prefer politics to be kept out of local goverment. I for one would love to live in a town governed by experienced individuals wanting to serve the community. Imagine a retired enigineer and IT specialist giving back to society?
    The reality is that it is very difficult to achieve this. Running political campaigns costs a lot of money. The result is that the USA is currently run by a few wealthy individuals who fund political campaigns and end up owning politicians.
    How else could one explain the unwillingness of Congress to protect children and other citizens against loonies with guns?
    The DA has certainly not covered itself in glory since it came to power in our town and can undoubtely do with Eleonor’s experience, eloquence and talent. If the DA performs better, everyone in our town will benefit.
    In my dealings with Eleonor I have always believed that she is truly committed to the citizens of Knysna. Eleonor has the rare ability to communicate and understand the issues concerning all sectors of society, rich and poor, black and white.
    During her term as Mayor she was involved with various environmental and social issues. Eleonor actively supported Sue Swain’s “Naturally Knysna” campaign. This initiative has the potential to create significant employment in Knysna, while taking care of our environment.
    The comments to Eleonor’s candidacy in the KP Herald are mostly positive and interestingly these comments are from all sectors of society.
    The only negative comments are that Eleonor does not live in the area. As you have correctly pointed out, there is no specific area, as the ward includes areas as diverse and geograpically removed as Brenton and Keurhoek. Considering the reign of terror the late Magda Williams endured from certain ANC supporters in the area, a little distance may enhance, not hamper Eleonor’s ability to do her work.
    I hope the DA ensures that Eleonor is placed in a position where she can make a difference. The same applies to other DA councillors whose talents are not adequately utulised.
    As far as policy is concerned, I do not see much difference between the DA and the ANC. The people of Knysna elected the DA on a ticket of open and transparent government.
    The ISDF, Jukes and various other matters suggests that this promise has not been kept.
    Hopefully the DA uses the remainder of its term to deliver on its promise.
    If this does not happen civil society will have to get more involved and a broad based independent movement may become necessary.

    • Susan, your comments are always so detailed that i hope you start a blog one day:)
      I share the same dream of governance and public service first, politics second. If only more of our citizens were prepared to contribute rather than stand on the sideline. Our retirees, especially, have a lot to offer us if they chose to.
      On paper, there isn’t much difference between the ANC and the DA. They are both leftist parties. However, in practice, the media would have us believe that they’re polar opposites.
      The KPH article (it can’t be called that) was glorification of Eleonor. It lacked objectivity. It was one of the most irresponsible pieces of journalism i’ve ever read. Then, again, it was probably a DA press release. Good democracy requires criticism.
      I share a similar point to you regarding the DA. Instead of treating my criticism as pro-ANC (which it is NOT), they should be cleaning themselves from within. Corruption, by any party, is unacceptable. If Eleanor becomes part of that cleaning process, i will become a fan.

  3. You must know that if white people likes you (black) than there must be something wrong with you!

  4. Wollie Wolmarans must be shitting in her mayoral pants becuase Eleanore wants that chain!

  5. Mike, it’s 2 years before we have full blown municipal elections. Isn’t it the right time now to try an identify competent independents who are truly non partisan? Knysna needs people whose focus is on benefiting Knysna and not some distant, absent political party. The current bunch of “useful idiots” are playing footsie with their political parties and as long as they get their ridiculous salaries, they don’t give a tinkers about the town.

    • It’s a process we should have already begun. Getting an Independent past biased voters is a big challenge. To stand any chance, it requires money and a team. Hornlee/Leisure Isle would probably be most up for grabs, Brenton/Rheenendal second. The centre of town would stand a chance for a PR candidate i.e. if the vote were split, the DA and an Independent would go to Council (the only ward that could have two representatives on council because there’s currently no opposition). But, as said, it would be a challenge which is probably one reason why Eleonor has dressed in blue.