Shocking Politics that Should be a Warning to Us All — No Comments

  1. Thanks for continuing to keep us up to speed with the excesses of our neighbours in Oudtshoorn. Never mind the theory. No benefit for that town will come from the trip to Holland, just as no benefit, now years down the line, has been demonstrated by Knysna officials (Municipal and KTB) from the French and Jamaican visits respectively. It seems the tolerance of rate payers is limitless. How much longer will people just shrug and say ‘this is Africa.’ It needn’t be like this. Perhaps a mediaeval ‘stocks’ should be installed in Pledge Square for our own transgressors, who should be locked into them for a day, allowing disgruntled people to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at them.

    • Knysna, the paragon of virtuous DA, has never answered us fully about those trips. I agree with you. We can’t lower our standards with, “This is Africa.” It’s racist and the same as giving up. We’ll build the stocks together:)

  2. Reminds me of last year December when the chair of Plett tourism took a holiday in Europe, during the Plett peak season.

  3. Why do they always go to Europe? There are so many beautiful places all over the rest of our continent that desperately need our currency. I guess for self-serving politicians like these that don’t count.

    • Theoretically, it should be to foster better relations that result in us getting money. However, when details are always so scarce (e.g. Knysna’s trips to France and Jamaica), one has to wonder what the hell they’re all about.

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