Some Enemies Pounce But Most Crawl — No Comments

  1. I think the last couple of KPH issues have been hugely improved under its new editor. Hitherto, we have been served with a fair amount of tat which justifies no more than a brief scanning of its pages. I hope the new standard of content will continue to improve and we can come to think of it as a serious local newspaper. But it’s disappointing that they published McDonnell’s letter at all given the obvious bias within it. Clearly more polish required.

    • Maybe Irish Mike’s letter spared me from a more challenging critic 🙂
      I love the improvements. They’re more important than my quibbles about the letter. It will be interesting to see how many are made. I did meet with the editor last week and she had some good ideas. I’m sure the battle is how to fit all of them into a limited page setup. Additionally, they can’t go to hard news others they’ll lose the average reader. Walking the line in between is no mean feat.

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