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  1. I don’t know if I agree. There is an insidious culture of expectations in this society. Something that turns the structure into the cause rather than the vehicle. Compare the likes of President Mandela and the ugly face of tomorrow as reflected by Julius Malema. The one contributed as a leader whilst the other feeds off the political establishment as a bloated parasite.
    That is the way of things and its not going change unless you cauterise the wound. The wound being poverty. Something you can’t cauterise by perpetuating the structure and the expectations everyone has.

    • There’s 2 sides of the story to both Mandela and Malema, likewise to the ANC and the DA. There’s few innocent in politics. Without a doubt, though, poverty is at the heart, a growing monster that may consume us all. That, and its associated social exclusion, is where this blog truly enters…and probably never exits. We’ll debate semantics and ideologies face-t0-face over coffee one day.

  2. There are ways to work outside the system. And that is the choice I made a long time ago. I have ideas. I have a programme. And I am pulling it together slowly. Ideas are cheap, talk is easy. Making the money that is needed, is a challenge.
    We need alternative structures. We need resources. We need alternatives. I don’t believe that the DA will deliver. We don’t have any local representative structures let alone the will to drive them, so first we need reasons to change. We need a grassroots commitment which right now does not exist.

    • I don’t believe that the DA get a free ride. After all, most people voted against the ANC and not for the DA. But i will give them that opportunity to walk the talk. Right now, for me, the Tourism question becomes their litmus test.
      We do need to think and act differently, as you say, but it’s extremely important to get both trains running. Knysna will not work without conscientious citizens and the municipality aiming at a common goal. And it’s damn important to get funding of which the best route is from national government. There are no corporates here. Additionally, land is needed and the government owns most of what’s available in the country.

  3. Up to my neck in crocodiles at the moment and don’t go near Council unless its absolutely essential. Dont’t do politics or religion in any shape or form. Saw a Plumb Co bakkie dishing out soup at lunch time down at the unemployment line and damned nearly stopped.

    • Many in my river too:) You’ll then have to tell me how you can help. It’s all politics in the end.
      If i’m correct, same man was in the papers a month ago. Was operating near George Rex Drive? Mailed him a congratulations but never received a response. There are some caring people out there. Most good stories i hear normally involve food. Much needed and awesome action!

    • Thank you. You know how to get hold of me. Chat over a coffee would be good. If you’re free, take interest in the council meeting tomorrow morning. It’s open to the public but not advertized! 9am in the building hosting the mayor etc. in Clyde Street.

  4. It shouldn’t be necessary for people to get this pissed off. What are the facts? This is what we should be concerned about. This town has many many serious problems and despite the fact that anger is often blind it is without question, time to kick arse. Knysna is dying and those that should, are not stepping up to the plate. Things have got to change and those in public office have the responsibility, they are obligated to address the concerns of those of us who put them in office. Who is going to get that through to them?
    Go for it! Tell it like it is. There are many more of us out there mumbling and grumbling and doing nothing. Make an idiot of yourself. Say your piece. And if you do try to sue you, at least you will know that they got your message. There is also a very slim chance that this might trigger a groundswell that brings about some much needed change.

    • Sorry for my slow response. It was misfiled as spam by Aksimet.
      Hopefully you’ve seen the follow-up blogs which contained more facts and questions where none could be found. As for groundswell, that would be a miracle – locals are more a bunch of complainers than doers but i’d gladly be contradicted. I was deliberately controversial here as politeness had failed miserably. It’s begun a journey for me and it’s been a scary one as everywhere i go, politicians, managers and community leaders are unable to answer questions in their respective fields. On a number of occasions, i’ve informed them.
      Apathetic citizens resulted in lazy “leaders”. Recently, the DA has said they’ll get answers. I’m hoping so and looking forward to it.

  5. Mike I dont agree with your statement “white people with in their lazy chairs” comment.. You are not well informed! I know of alot of “White” people doing work to improve this little town of ours and esspecially people in the under-privelage areas on top of the hill.
    Please do your homework before making such allegations. I am not standing for this anymore.

    • Of course there are some good people. Those are to be applauded. But the reality is that they are an absolute minority versus a majority who are only armchair critics…and…sadly…so many i meet are simply racist.

  6. Tanya – couldnt agree with you more!! SPOT ON!
    I am also a follower of Shaun van Eck and also believes that (with all the load of work on top of his shoulders) he really excels in what he has done for this town of ours.
    If I were you I would consider writing an apology letter to Knysna Tourism, Mr Shaun van Eck and our new Mayor.
    Not for your dismay but for the rude allegations you made about them as well as the (crimin injuria) remarks you made.
    My 2c worth….

    • Well, as said to Tanya, if she didn’t provide information to legitimize who she is, i would not post the comment i.e. deleted her latest rant. People with addresses not found on the internet are normally unreal.
      As for you Piet, you are of course entitled to your opinion. I appreciate you being real even if you don’t address the real issues which is the information Shaun van Eck is not providing. I also know that you do not share my idea of South African democracy. But South Africa is about freedom of speech which is why i have and you have

      • Yes, but the difference is I don’t make inflammatory remarks to specific people… Just remember that everything you write on the net which is excesable to the public is like a real face to face conversation the only difference is, is that there is a lot more witnesses!
        If Shaun wants, he could lay a charge of crimin injuria against you and he will win, as the proof is already on the net (and mailed to all who already commented……..)
        So, if I were you I would immidiatly write an appology letter to the parties involved…..

        • I did so expecting that he would sue. The issues are too important to not present them. And, again, you do not mention them.
          Shaun would never get an apology. Today is Day 40 of him not providing what should be public information. At the very least, he is incompetent. At the worst he is part of a corrupt system. Either way, he should not be the CEO of Knysna Tourism. If the Tourism Board were doing their job, they would have addressed him and the issues i have presented a long time ago.
          If you see me at the coffee shop again, debate will be welcomed. But here, there’s no point in me making similar comment responses. The bigger issue has to be gaining the information they will not provide. We may be representative of different sides but this is bigger than Shaun van Eck or me.

        • Hi, Piet. I’m checking in with all who disproved of my protest. I did what i could with limited resources. Of course, being controversial was an attempt at penetration into the often apathetic mindset of our fellow citizens. This is not a cheap shot at you at all! In light of recent events, what is your position on Shaun van Eck now?

  7. My word what a horrible mean specimen you are!! Who gave you the God given right to condemn people, and you do this in the name of transparency and standing up for your rights! The worst is you do it on a “Education & Enabling” site where children can access and read the diatribe you have written. In fact the individuals that you have been so vocal about their children can read this.
    Are you proud of what you have done, this absolute nonsense that you have written – shame on you, you poor sad man.
    Shaun van Eck has done wonders for Knysna Tourism and will help anyone that needs it, he is one of the kindest people in Knysna and has done wonders for the community. On top of that he has a wealth of experience, he is an astute business man, wonderful Christian and is dedicated and loyal to Knysna and its people.
    You profess to want to help Knysna and that you love it – why are you waiting for others to do the ground work for you – the information you need is mostly available on the internet, on SA Stats under Tourism, or through the library.
    Has it occured to you that perhaps your ideas and input are not viable or just plain stupid – if you are so proud of them and think they are going to work publish that information, let the community decide, let the community support you constructively. If you are so passionate about your workshops, do them, you do not need Shaun to run a workshop, you do not need Knysna Tourism, had you not been so vile a corporate company would possibly have sponsored your initative. The problem you now face is no matter how great your idea is, no one wants to be associated with such a bitter and hateful man. The people that would have supported your idea now won’t even listen to you – in fact I would not give you the time of day.
    It really saddens me that I look at the branding on this site and it is children friendly and instead of investing time being so cruel you should have invested time in getting sponsorship for the site and your workshops – if they are worthy. You have ruined what this site is supposed to be about, you have taken away the innocence that it was to be about. Was this site not supposed to be about all that is beautiful about Knysna and how wonderful it is??
    To Shaun and the Knysna Tourism Team – you are all doing a fabulous job – and the community acknowledges that and for that we thank you greatly!!
    On a final note the profile picture of yourself portrays what you are about, it is off putting to say the least, the make-up and lack of clothing would not inspire anyone to have faith in you as a spokesperson, business associate or an individual that I would collaboriate with in the best interests of the Knysna community.

    • Why not accompany your irrelevant ranting with your full name and your relevance to Knysna and Knysna Tourism? You’d have to before i approve your next comment.
      I said “irrelevant” because none of your silliness addresses the issues at hand. It was simply biast support for Shaun van Eck.
      SA Stats and the library…you obviously have an opinion about that which you know nothing BUT i’d happily have you prove me wrong and educate me by sending me the information and it’s source. After 39 days of being stone-walled by the irresponsible head of Tourism, i’d welcome it – seriously! And, yes, “irresponsible” was me adding another attribute to the Shaun van Eck CV. Thanks so much for reminding me, you’re too kind.
      The site, if you read what it’s about, includes activism…something sadly lacking in South Africa, particularly Knysna with far too many white people with lazy, armchair opinions. We really need the return of liberal whites. As for the pretty appearance of The KEEP, that relates to my goal where Knysna is one day beautiful because it’s for all races and cultures. It’s definitely worth fighting for. Now, my other site,, is more what you would’ve been referring too.
      As for your judging my night-after-halloween photo, which became a very funny week with me as the butt-end of many good-natured jokes because i was unable to remove the make-up, that made you sound like a nutter…one of those hate Pink Loerie fundamentalists or possibly just a false christian like Shaun van Eck, who as a liar, obviously is (was he a christian when managing the Boardwalk Casino?). Yes, i play with words as you do…cause it’s not “fun” when only one of us gets to “play”.
      It doesn’t matter if someone isn’t wearing a shirt (my gosh, the tragedy), wears make-up, is gay, rich or can’t afford an official-looking governmental BMW, is black, brown, white or an interesting shade of purple…what counts, right now, is that we fight for a better Knysna.
      To others who wish to comment (if only you were as many as those who will only talk offline), you’re welcomed (and encouraged) but stating who you are is a prerequisite…and if you’re a naysayer, then please respond to the criticism itself – thank you!

    • In the light of recent events (, do you still believe that Shaun van Eck did no wrong?
      I don’t ask so as to take a dig at you. There is nothing worse than being bamboozled by a friend or someone we admire. I ask because i seek clarity from all those that disagreed with my course of action against him. This has been a long, lonely fight from my side so it is with relief that the truth is emerging in a big way.

  8. Yes, but this is an organization (non profit) i assume…
    People get fired for this.. Look at mail and gaurdian’s intern Ngoako Matsha for his rant on Facebook (that on his personal capacity!)
    You could have wrote this article a bit more diplomatic.

    • It isn’t intended to be diplomatic. I past that stage when Knysna’s CEO and the Board failed in their duty. This is not a spur of the moment decision.
      The KEEP is a collective of project ideas intending to be a charity once i’ve located people who are brave enough to stand up for their rights and work towards improving their communities. This, not to detract from the topic of this blog, assists that search. This town needs varied organizations to find common ground to approach problems (such as tik, segregation and lack of transparency) more comprehensively. We are are in mother of a Recession and the world is not going to get easier. We need activism not voyeurs.

  9. Man oh man… Firstly, I couldnt help myself laughing!
    Yes, as a person you have the right to publicly display your concerns BUT here is a few tip!!!!
    1. Dont write stuff like this (taking on people and swearing) on a CHARITY website – even though you delete this post… it is already on the web
    2. Follow the correct procedures – If all fails.. dont do it yourself.. get the journalist to assist.. write letters etc….. it takes time but it will be heard…
    Pieter – Knysna

    • Laughter in the face of bad is a good attribute!
      For the first part, as answered to Bomber. For the second, i have been waiting a long time. I did contact a journalist. In a small town like ours, it’s hard to know who has allegiance to who so being public to all is safer.

  10. Ok – you are obviously very angry – and we all get that way when public people do not answer our emails…. but surely you can see you are doing major damage to the KEEP website’s image? – especially when under your definition of what ‘Keep’ is all about you use
    ” To retain possession of: dignity and human rights.” and
    “Keep” is a positive message when faced with challenges:
    1. Keep one’s head i.e. maintain your compusure in a crisis, especially when all those around you lose their heads.
    Maybe you should post this on your private blog? Just a thought?

    • The KEEP is also about speaking out. That is very important. Half-hearted attempts don’t work. People need to stand up for their rights more often instead of complaining. As for composure, i am composed. As for private blog, it’s there too because that gets much greater traffic. It’s here because it involves Knysna which i care very much for.