C’mon, South Africa, legalise prostitution!

legalise prostitution south africa

We should legalise prostitution in South Africa. Sex workers deserve unions enforcing safety, health care and better pay for less customers. It would reduce stigma, gain taxes, attract tourists and create peripheral jobs. It would initially protect an estimated 200,000 human beings. Lessening the HIV infection rate would save far more.

Religion doesn’t enter the equation because we’re a secular country. Of course some will disagree with me so I add that objections make Islam and Christianity strange bedfellows. Saving lives we know should be more important than saving souls we haven’t seen.

Although it’s a gender neutral application, the guy in me wants to protect vaginas more. I strongly believe in a women’s right to choose. Maybe I’m a feminist 🙂


The map above shows the legal state of prostitution. Blue is legal. Red is illegal. Varying degrees in other colours. The full code can be viewed on Wikipedia.

Should we legalise prostitution? Before you answer, listen to this interview with an ex-Dutch sex worker and her daughter. I welcome all logical comments on Facebook but I’m most eager to hear from women.