South Africa’s Municipalities Suck! — 3 Comments

  1. It is not only ANC controled municipalities that are getting qualified audits, the DA is doing just as bad. Cader deployment happens across the political spectrum and in many instances it have the result where these deployees must ensure that political connected contractors and business people get the tenders. One will find the majority of problems in the procurement processes of municipalities. Councillors and officials and their families contracting with the municipalities. Clear conflict of interest! There no proper controls in place in the supply chain management units of municipalities. Municipal managers as accounting officers not fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities in terms of the provisions of sections 61 and 62 of the Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003. You will find at the Eden District municipality for instance an official who resigned before the start of the his disciplinary hearing because it was allegedly found that he was involved in tender fraud. When the DA took control in June 2011 that same official was again appointed in the finance departement despite the fact that a criminal case was opened with the Hawks. The people are loosing faith in the political and administrative proceses in this country and we will find ourselves in big trouble when that ticking time bomb is going to explode. Be warned!

    • This blog started because the local DA drowned themselves in lies. Their handling of the municipal manager position was an additional ghastliness that cost the taxpayer a fortune. BUT i try be evenhanded (undoubtedly why i’m regularly in the shit) and in this case that means that overall, the Western Province, under the DA, has returned better results than ANC provinces. Of course, then in agreement with you, that doesn’t mean that they don’t act with self-interest or deploy cadres into municipal positions (they were clever enough not to call it that…just as the USA were clever enough not to label their racism apartheid and put it into law). That “ticking time bomb” is very real, scares the hell out of me, and is a primary reason for all my Knysna websites. Sadly, i feel like a boy with a thumb in a hole in a dam that will only, inevitably, crack and flood us all. South Africa needs a WAKE-UP call! The public has to demand and enforce a responsible and honourable political system backed by a similarly guided police force.

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