Stop South African Banks from Taking Your Home — 8 Comments

    • Greed and fear supercedes logic and morality. It happens all over. When thousands of us bloggers said that the Recession was coming because the housing industry and credit derivatives were going to collapse, the economist, who new more, lied to the bitter end…and further. With regards the SAPS, don’t tell us that bad cops are given all cops a bad name. Rather have good cops locking up bad cops. The island mentality of the general public is as shameful. No one cares until the shit’s on their own doorstep. There is no such thing as democracy unless we all do our bit to police and preserve it.

    • Hi, Nick. I did that last week. Everyone else, you should do the same.

      Note to New Era, give people the free subscription offer (general interest) on the same page as the paid one (for those seeking help and info to fight for their houses). Some might not see the extra link.

  1. Very informative. This is very good platform to educate our people about the pitfalls and the opportunism and I may say corruption that is been perpetrated by banks. People who are finding themselves in these situations must report it to the comsumer commision and to the HAWKS. Thanks Mike!@

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