Photos: Struggles of the Knysna Economy — No Comments

  1. Good news is that Little Italy has been occupied by new tenants. I guessed rightly that they were from out of town. Hoping that they find success here. Their menu is extremely well priced (R30-70) and concentrates on trammezinis and pizzas. They’ve also hired Mark Stevens, the artist who created that wonderful piazza scene, to decorate the rest of the walls – good on them!

  2. Thank you Mike. This is the reality of Knysna. I was at Woodmill lane yesterday and noticed how empty and sad the town was looking. These photos really capture the sad vibe of Knysna in Winter. Hopefully we will have a brilliant Oyster Festival and lots of visitors, soon. Then we just have to survive Aug & Sept, and business starts picking up again after that….

    • As critical as i am of the Oyster Festival, i always hope so too. Ironically, the storms last year may have hurt event organizers but definitely aided the restaurants which were packed because there was no where else to go. Let’s hope it’s successful this year…not like the false claims they always make afterwards about it being bigger…but genuinely successful for all.

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