Suffer the Town of Oudtshoorn — No Comments

  1. What is going on in Oudtshoorn is exactly the reason why the ANC is losing supporters in that town. The ANC has a great history in Oudtshoorn. Some of the best and bravest comrades in the Western Cape come from Oudtshoorn. This is a real shame!

  2. The fact of the matter remains that this mayor and his staff are an embarrassment to the movement and to the country and must be removed without any further delay.

    • By “movement”, i assume you mean the ANC. If so, that’s an outdated concept. The ANC isn’t even stagnant, it’s regressing. But where i will agree with you is it (in fact, all political parties) cleaning themselves from within. When politicians don’t question there corrupt leaders then they become part of the corruption. In the case of Oudtshoorn, it’s obvious that some ANC members are trying to do that. If they get it right, i’ll be sure to give them credit. Hopefully national leadership, as it so often does, doesn’t fuck it up!

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