I’m Suing & Charging the DA

Sueing DA criminal charges Democratic Alliance

I will be suing and laying criminal charges against the Democratic Alliance, from local councillors to the DA Federal Executive, Premier Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane. The action will include government officials and ‘opposition’ members who either collaborated with them or criminally failed to act on the evidence I provided.

This is my letter affording them final opportunity to climb out of the the serious grave they have dug for the Public. They cannot escape without punishment but they have until Monday, May 28, to mitigate their situation.

* * * * *

Attention: DA Federal Executive, DA Leader Mmusi Maimane & Premier Helen Zille
Reference: DA001
Date: May 24 2018
Sent via: Email


This is both statement and appeal to reason. You have opportunity to respond until Monday, May 28 2018. If you do so positively, you’ll have some argument for mitigation.

I’d meant to complete the process of the Love Knysna Petition’ through Parliament before proceeding to the courts but the DA’s latest attempt to sue me with Public funds (and with cooperation from SALGA), and this week’s threat to jail me by your subversive, local DA Advocate, is intolerable.

It’s your duty to relate these contents to relevant Democratic Alliance (DA) MPs, councillors and caucus members, and related coalition partners (e.g. ACDP), official or unofficial. It’s their duty to relate it to their underhanded supporters in the Public. It’s Premier Helen Zille’s duty to relate this to relevant members of her Government, the Provincial Legislature, Eden District administration and Knysna administration.

I’m not going to chase people who have repeatedly refused to act logically, whether that be you or those on your behalf. You have my evidence so you know the main players to contact but note that my action will also will include every DA official who failed to act on the evidence in my emails.

I will publicise this letter in case you choose to fail your colleagues and accomplices by keeping them in the dark.

Legal process will soon begin.

Regards the DA, communication will be with Elzanne Jonker (Minde Schapiro & Smith), the attorney the DA Federal Executive has already designated to me. Individuals can inform my team, if otherwise.


You participated in or supported a campaign against me that sought to destroy my life and hamper the course of justice.

You deliberately ignored evidence in the Public’s interest because it went against your interest. Your goal became destruction not truth, your support for selfishness or the DA, or both.

This courteous letter also serves purpose to inform you of the legal actions you and your accomplices will face.

  1. Enforcement of PAIA
  2. High Court litigation for damages
  3. Lower Court litigation for damages
  4. Constitutional case
  5. Criminal charges

You chose to be part of a cumulative that attacked me, labelled me as a paedophile, a destroyer of the economy, a sociopath, a liar and more.

Despite my many appeals to you with reason and evidence, despite the obvious availability of information that would have easily dissuaded your actions if you were mistaken rather than intentionally malicious, you continued participating in or supporting the onslaught.

You damaged my integrity, my children’s project and my livelihood. You endangered me. Some of you tried to have me jailed.

You’re well versed in this situation and your actions therein so it will not be listed here.

If you choose to pretend ignorance so as to gain delay, you will be shown to the Court to be disingenuous and consequently more liable.

If you choose to counter-sue, as is your right, you will be shown to be further malicious. After all, your intrusion into my life was your opposition to my anti-corruption stance.

My major claims have been proven by government reports and contracted legal opinions. I was right. You were clearly wrong. That will be amplified through the discovery process. You don’t have legal foothold.

The main damages will be claimed from the Democratic Alliance (DA) but everyone will be held financially responsible as an individual too. In addition, costs will be won.


I’m an activist who has fought not only for myself but for the town of Knysna. The evidence of corruption I have exposed, the corruption you were or are still involved in, is linked to the leadership of the DA, our country’s second biggest political party, and thus affects the health of the political system of South Africa.

Consequently, I’ve instructed that legal processes be efficient, cost saving and speedy, so that there is clarity for the Public before the 2019 elections. My positive intent will be made clear to the Court. Hopefully you will respect the South Africa you are supposed to serve and not drag matters through the elections.

You are encouraged to be honest and not seek costly delays. In that manner you will help both yourself and the Public which from my side, should always be addressed with a capital ā€œPā€, if not in word then within our hearts.

High Court litigation will be an action trial i.e. trial via witnesses. Through that it will be easy to demonstrate your collusion through similar actions and relationships, and catch any contradiction.

It’s your right to call relevant witnesses. In the unlikelihood of my not having included them already, I’ll take advantage through cross-examination.

You should note that truth in the Public interest isn’t defamation. And where I may have used strong words, it was reaction based on frustration at unpunished crime and your attack. Anything you may claim would pale in comparison to what you have done to me. The Court will recognise that.

The criminal cases filed with the Hawks will echo the litigation. It is for the police to determine what crimes have been committed but it is logical that would include crimen injuria, intimidation, fraud, obstruction of justice and contravention of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act. For political, government and government contractor figures, Organised Crime should be considered. It was initially an investigator of the Hawks who realised the latter. There is also a racism aspect.

The Constitutional case will address the propaganda and the conspiracy of court cases against me, the harm done to the citizens of Knysna, and your support thereof, either directly or via social media.


Your failure to act on my evidence of crime has costs the Public tens of millions of rands. The ripple effect, all those illegal tourism entities across the Province, may bring that to hundreds of millions.

We already know that the DA-led Knysna Municipality is being sued for R480-million as a result of local government failure with regards the Great Knysna Fire. Their fraudulent report into the cause of the fire, that cleared themselves, will be fully exposed. As will your failure to act on my complaint. The Public will not react well to the news that one of those involved got promoted to a job in the City of Cape Town (ironically, leaving a work scandal in the City of Cape Town to come to Knysna). The circle of cronyism seems to go round and round.

The DA is essentially a rich company. It was estimated that you spent R350-million on one election and wasted another R70-million on Mmusi’s Mayoral bid. It doesn’t matter how torn your pockets are because your billionaire and overseas friends, whose interest and intentions us common folk don’t know, will likely keep filling them until you become less useful to them. You (or more likely they) control most of the Media.

I realise what all that means – I’m smaller than David and you’re bigger than Godzille.

I mustn’t let my fear derail my attempt at justice that will benefit our country and reveal the beast beneath your blue skin.

It’s with disappointment that I can no longer avoid nor stop Western Cape Government, Eden District and Knysna Municipal governments from using Public funds to defend themselves. However, the High Court will be requested to recover that through personal cost orders.


Regardless of how you choose to react, I’m dedicated to achieving justice. As I have survived everything you and others have thrown at me, you already know that. If anything nefarious were to happen to me, suspicion will hang onto the DA.

If I’m arrested for false reason during proceedings, note that I’ve informed an attorney that I immediately begin a hunger strike that will repeatedly damn the DA and appeal to President Cyril Ramaphosa. I will choose loud protest because I should fear what would happen to me in a jail in your territory.

We are in the end ‘game’ scenario. It may take a year or two but worth aiming for the light after the seven years of darkness behind.

The DA dictatorship has already begun dooming itself internally. But how you, as an individual, choose to respond may affect the rest of your life. The saying ‘Honesty is the best policy’ is as appropriate as it ever could be.

Be cooperative. Those who admit liability, are contrite and honest, and share information against their conspirators, are most likely to be viewed more lightly by me and, more importantly, the Court.

Yours wholeheartedly,

Mike Hampton