Super Fast Broadband One Click Closer to Knysna — No Comments

  1. Oh dear. That old chestnut. “The Knysna Municipality would gain more rates and the town could be made safer with CCTV video feeds, rented at R500 per camera, to security companies.”
    Can you say spy-cams?
    Safer, my arse. What with face recognition, number plate recognition systems like Eagle, visit plotting and many other “Big Brother” related activities, say good bye to privacy.
    London has installed 2.2 million camera’s throughout the city over the past 14 years and guess what, crime is up, year on year since inception, by 3.5%, unfailingly. The system hasn’t fazed the criminals even a tiny bit.
    But the selling of information gathered has exploded.
    I’m all for a speedy internet, but not for cctv camera’s. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

    • I’m no fan of Big Brother either but surely the special skills of Knysna tiksters would remove the cameras so that there was no debate – ha ha. And there’s no oak trees left in my road to hang them from. Ironically, the only person free of being spied upon would be Lauren Waring, our town’s manager, as she doesn’t live in Knysna. So yes, there are all these fun and ‘fun’ things to say but getting fast, cheap internet connectivity would be most welcome!

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