Surviving the Recession & Politicians in a Small Town #4 — 4 Comments

    • I’m 100% bias against politicians fucking up our town:) COPE – i like one person within the party but they, like their Knysna representative, are useless too. We need independents so that people faraway don’t call the shots. We can’t fix our country but we can try fix our corner of it.

  1. The powerful in Africa thieve because they can. The poor do so to survive. The powerful set up multi-layered systems to ensure that they continue to manipulate things in their favour. George Bush once referred to his electorate as ‘cattle.’ When all said and done, we are, because like cattle we are so easily led to the slaughter.

    • It’s a challenge taking on Knysna’s baddies but that’s less depressing than the “sheep” who complain but do nothing to help their neighbours…even themselves. That apathy is a continuous threat to my motivation.

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