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  1. Your help/solution is the only one that works, but also had to use ExterminateIt! But it comes back each time I reboot. My son (on same network) reformatted, but I don’t want to do that. The SweetIM blocks the internet, stops travel to some sites, stops StopZilla, MalwareBytes and AVG, and others. It causes typing on pages to stop and messages to stop. I wish hackers could be caught and stoned in the village square. Had to reboot last night, and it is all back, taking me 3 hours so far and still not gone. It is here: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentUser

    • Stone them. Let’s add that to the list of putting chilli in their eyes and covering them in poo:) This solution is still working for the majority but there’s obviously a new variant on the net as it should have removed it completely. There’s now a handful of people who haven’t succeeded. Hell, this post has been seen over 150 000 times so i’m guessing that the Sweetpacks crew read this too. Bugger.

  2. OH, Noooooooooooooo! I’m like Dorothy, tried it all…and it just hijacked my attempts saying, “cannot execute download” of CCleaner, Ragseeker, Hoverdesk,Majorgeeks, I even tried the youtube instructions…it was blurred out and without any audio! What is happening? I cannot download silverlight so that I can use netflix and I’m going mad trying to fix this problem…now what? Help!

    • It’s likely that you have a bigger problem than just Sweetpacks. Highly recommend that you copy all your data onto a hard drive and download your bookmarks before wiping your computer clean. Reloading your operation system (Windows etc.) is a bitch but if you start again your computer will probably work better than it has in years. And when you start again, use cool browsers like Firefox, only download from trusted sites and always read the fineprint and tickbox options when loading new programs.

  3. I’m about to try your steps starting with using the CCleaner because nothing with the name Sweet anything shows up in my Control Panel Add/Remove Software list nor is there an Add On for them showing in my Firefox. Wonder if this is a “new, updated” version of this particular nastiness that hides those things? Just got this malware today and I didn’t even installl any new program free or otherwise in the last 2 weeks. Can’t imagine where I got it from.

    • Sorry, Dorothy. i won’t be able to tell you. It is possible. If so, maddening.

  4. woohoo!!!!! I think it’s gone! throws confetti Thank you sooooo much for sharing this info – don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find your post – hugs and kisses to you! (ps I’m convinced there’s a special place in hell for folks who make malware – they’ll get what they deserve!!!)

  5. I’m like crying over here because I’d tried pretty much everything and nothing was working and then I try this and it worked and thank you so much you like, saved my ass a million times over.

  6. I am not sure if this was stated earlier – way too many comments, but to remove the Sweetpack components from your system just go to their site at [sweetim url removed] where they show you step by step how to remove their programs. It’s pretty easy and took all of 5 minutes.

    • Since they’re insidious, i can’t include the SweetIM url you provided in your comment. And i definitely would not recommend anyone download an uninstaller program from them. It would be another program made by an evil company.


  8. OMG Thanks Dude Your Awesome (Saved Me Untold Hours)
    Keep Up The Good Work You Are Appreciated.

    Jacki From Texas

  9. The best and most thorough way to remove Delat and Sweetpacks I have found is click start then Assesories then select run and type regedit and when you have the window open select edit and in the drop down Find and type in either and click find next. It then will find every one of the otherwise hidden registries in your pc. all you need to do is select each one in the window onb the right and delte. You have to keep repeating this process until it finds then all. I also then go through the list in the left window and Delat folders are deleted also. Hope this helps

  10. I’m an ITD and this MFer is driving me insane: however…today SUCCESS!!! I did all the registry removals, software removals…etc. Finally I noticed on the bottome of the new tab page a link to uninstall SweetPacks (which I already had done, but what did I have to lose).
    It will take you to another page that gives your several options for all browsers, well not all but top 3 in Windows world.
    I wish I could copy and paste pic here, but you will see:
    Sweetpacks New Tab for FireFox
    1. In the address bar, type ‘about:config’ and then click Enter.
    2. You will be notified that you are about to change your settings. Click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’
    3. You will see a Search field type ‘newtab’ and then click ‘browser.newtab.url’.
    4. In the box that will be oened, enter the URL (I just deleted it and left it blank)that you want to open in the new tab page instead of Sweetpacks and then click OK. My suggestion is to remove anything on that page that reference Sweetpacks and just leave the url blank.

    It works! Finally.

    • Thanks for your input. Sweetpacks can always send out more variations so i’m happy for people popping in to see many options.

  11. I disabled it off of mozilla firefox but when ever I open a new tab it keeps coming up!

  12. I too had it install despite negation and there are numerous Registry entries that it leaves behind which I had to manually remove. In using Firefox, a final way to remove it once all the other steps are taken is to reset Firefox which is basically like a System Restore for Firefox. I didn’t know it was still there until I opened a new Tab and there was the Sweetpacks screen:( Resetting Firefox finally removed it. Begs to wonder where Firefox had it stored though.

  13. I just wanted to thank you all for your help. I easily deleted the Sweetpacks program from the add/delete program section of my hard drive, but the toolbar kept popping up once a week like clockwork. By clicking on the Firefox drop-down, I found Sweetpacks listed as an add-on, simple to delete once you know where to find it. Thanks for all the help.

  14. I also went to Google Chrome setting (my browser) to delete the add-on extension of sweetpacks. May the owner and the people who work for them rot in hell!

  15. I ran Spybot Search & Destroy as an administrator yesterday and it got rid of this crap and the Conduit toolbar. Just donated some money to Spybot. It have helped me to get rid of malware many times.

    • Since Spybot alone doesn’t cure this problem, you sound like a comment advertizer for them.

  16. thanks a million.I did what you said and it worked like a charm.I am close to being a+ certified myself but this one had me stumped.I also had a couple of people that I know that had this problem with sweetpacks and I charged them $25 apiece and made some money.You are the greatest.

  17. Thanks. That was huge.

    I promise you that if my time and money vacation budgets were unlimited–okay, and further assuming that I would visit Africa–I would visit Knysna to thank you personally, if for not other reason.

  18. @First I thought the same thing as “TheBeavre” :

    TheBeavre says:
    July 29, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    It is uninstalled via the add/remove programs feature in your control panel. No need for all these dramatics.
    Man was I wrong. THANK YOU Wicked Mike.
    You have saved me a lot of grief. Thanks again.
    R.I.P. โ€“ Slayerโ€™s Jeff Hanneman.

    • Appreciative comments by appreciative metalheads are more appreciated:)

  19. wickedmike: If you download the softonic software – it automatically loads sweetpacks on to your computer without an option… we are trying to get rid of this crap not re-install it. Take a look at the softonic reference you gave in the beginning….

    • It wasn’t. It offered the option of 3rd party software which should always be refused. Nevertheless, i’ve deleted that link and added 2 more download locations above. Hoping you find success with them.

  20. I thought I had tracked it down and killed it BUT, I just opened my laptop and opened IE and the dang thing was BACK. A quick Google search found you… 3 minutes later … SweetIM is gone! Awesome! Thanks!

  21. Gordon says:
    I tried following your instructions here on this web page, “Sweetpacks toolbar – remove it – kill it” but upon attempting to download “CCleaner”, I get some other SW titled ARO 2013, then I Attempt to download “RegSeeker”, I get the same SW (?!) (which also calls itself “ARO 2013”. You stated, for the case of CCleaner, that it was free SW, but This “ARO 2013” SW, is trying to charge me! Am I being hacked? Is this some sort of Malware? In trying to remove this sweetpacks toolbar, thru Firefox, some of what you describe in your directions is not present! Also, upon doing a “Bing” search (I would much prefer the old Google – another distraction), I try to relocate this web page; also I don’t seem to be able to bookmark this web page. Incidentally, I consider myself at the intermediate skill level in IT,though I worked as a programmer all of my working career, mostly in large main frames. I read some of your responses to posts by people who also tried to remove sweekpacks (aka babylon), I couldn’t agree with you more! All of this mickey mouse you refer to has gotten way open of hand. Thanks (incidentally I backed up my int HD the day before using Windows 7 backup; tried to do a “full system image recovery” but the SW doesn’t recognize the System image on my int HD, but this of couse is a “personal problem” !!

    • You would not have downloaded the same ‘hijacker’ from 2 different sites. Since it’s a registry cleaner, it’s highly unlikely that it would’ve been allowed to accompany CCCleaner and RegSeeker. Either you’re advertizing ‘ARO 2013’ or you got it elsewhere.

  22. Thank you thank you. I tried so many times to delete it from the control panel and it would not let me!! I went through ccleaner and was able to do it with your instructions. I also reset the internet explore options, which not sure that was necessary but I am so happy this stupid thing is off.

  23. What I found is that registry”deletes” Sweetpack files,but when I run another “find”, they are back.

  24. Hi There! Thank you for the post. It did not work for me. I have done everything you recommended, and “sweetpacks” is still here :(. The must have done something to make it more difficult to remove since 2012,

    • I’m sorry to hear that you are one of the few who did not succeed. It is, of course, possible that there are several versions of SweetIM out there.

  25. Detailed instructions which worked fine for me just this morning are here:

    There is a special spot in hell kept extra warm for the criminal scumbags who create such excrement. They are nothing but human waste themselves. Look up Perion company for example, the slimebags. This piece of garbage is their product and they make $30 million a year with it, by annoying and misleading millions of people. Absolute scum.

  26. This seemed to have worked! I am SO happy I found you in the search results with all the other bogus ‘how to uninstall by buying my guide’ help. You are awesome!

      • sadly, it is still coming up in my firefox browser, even though I followed all the instructs twice! I even found some additional entries in regseeker when I searched just for ‘sweet’.


        • I’m clear!!! I took Adam’s advice on top of what you gave us. Thank goodness. What a headache! I also went out & posted your url on some of the fake advice. Regards!

  27. Another GREAT and free resource that helped me remove these damnable toolbar/search hijacks is SPYBot Search and Destroy. After untold hours of brain-ache on my own, and it removed several of these pesky critters that I could not remove otherwise.

  28. Hey, you are Da Man! Worked Great!

    By the way, ignore that first comment, the one by the Beavre. The little squirt never was any good at anything, except being a nuisance to me and Wally.

  29. Thanks much for this tutorial and the updates in the comments. Cleaning up a friend’s laptop where it whacked IE10, FF20, and Chrome, simultaneously. What a load of crap. Took Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware, CCleaner, and manual searching after reading the “about:config” post (and subsequent link to the Malware Removal Instructions site), before I got it all sorted. It showed up as a fake installer – google earth.exe – not the real one from google – GoogleEarthSetup.exe – junk file was the first link at the top of the search page.

    • Hi, Israel:) Perion only bought them in Nov 2012. Price tag – $41 million. Very sad that nefarious companies such as SweetIM are rewarded for their bad behaviour!

  30. Thanks, got rid of sweetpacks, not sure where i picked it up hope i don’t do that again

  31. Save yourself some heart ache and just restore your system to an earlier date such as the day before to delete this garbage (and the other stuff that came with it) and then scan with a program like Glarysoft to double check your registry for errors. I couldn’t believe that Firefox allows this to happen. I took the chance to download the hd codecs that it says you are missing and got a mess of unwanted garbage like Sweetpacks. I tried to do a system restore from just before the download and it didn’t work, so I did the day before and got rid of the scourge. This is a reminder that if it doesn’t seem right, then it most likely isn’t. Don’t forget to go into the “tools” and clear your browsing history just in case cookies were stored on your browser.

  32. I Agree with this.
    BUt AFTER I did all process it was still happening
    I agree geting it out of extentions
    I agree that the C Cleaner get the unistall which is good.
    as well with the reg thing since finds things that evil virus leaves.
    But still after doing process it still there.
    I had 3 browser all efected.
    So use Internet explorer reset default.
    unistall Chrome, and mozzil fox.
    And it is gone.
    redo the r thing since it still may be there. it is evil

  33. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! IT WORKS! I spent 3 days frustrated by this monster reappearing no matter what steps I took based on advice from other websites. Finally, I reached out to web support services who were charging me an arm and leg to get rid of this virus. I was afraid that going down that path would multiply my problems. I finally chanced upon your website and gave it a shot as a last resort. I cannot tell you how much relief you have brought me. YOU ARE A BLESSING! BLESSINGS from the USA

    • Best comment to hear so far. So many have helped me with problems over the years. Glad i could give back.

  34. I tried downloading RegSeeker and even though I declined downloading the other apps, it did so anyway. As a result, there were ads popping up and toolbars installing themselves.

  35. It worked! Fantastic. I was going crazy trying to get rid of it! Thanks for posting this info.

  36. whoever came up with this sweetpack program deserves to be the victim of some kind of curse where they will spend the rest of their days wallowing in pure social and financial failures as well as every possible STD one can contract!!! I was about to throw my Macbook in the trash out of hours of frustration in trying to remove this garbage.

    • Gone are those days where Apple was the exception to horrors such as this. With you in wishing STDs on the buggers:)

    • I was at it way longer before finding a solution. Hope you come right too.

  37. OMG Thank You! I installed this crap by accident on my brand new laptop… and your directions saved me a days worth of headache! Worked to a T on the new Windows 8 with Explorer. THANK YOU!

  38. SpyBot S&D (although older and less popular these days) is actually very good at removing SweetPacks and I recommend it as the easiest option.

    • There seems to have been different versions of Sweetpacks. For some, Spybot did not work alone. Glad it worked for you.

  39. thank you man, CCcleaner was enough for me in firefox. it was named i think something like “default toolbar” – i recognized it by date.

    did i say…. THANK YOU!!!!

  40. Thank you ever so much for your tip, it worked for Firefox. I couldn’t find the damned program in my control panel to delete it either.

  41. I fucking LOVE YA! Yeah Fuck Sweetim, please forgive my curses, but those dudes fucking sucks, they stole my search engine in Google Chrome, and I cant delete them like the other. FUCK FUCK FUCK them!

    • If Anonymous took on all my causes, the world would be a better place…and Jena Malone would be coming to dinner because they kindly gave my number to her:)

  42. I finally got rid of this ugly monster using Ccleaner. Its free to download. After downloading it I Clicked on ‘Tools’ inside this program. I then clicked on a program called ‘Bloson’ and clicked on uninstall. This program was removed which then automatically removed ‘Sweetpacks!’

    • Hadn’t heard of Bloson before. Thanks for telling us that there’s another danger.

  43. Thank you very much! Your tactics seems to helped me with removing it succesfully.
    (I did got that nasty bastard from – so don’t go there).

  44. Thank you, set me on the right road. Followed your advice, then thought, System Mechanic 5. my old manual uninstaller from years back. Found quite a few more SweetIM la la and took them all out. Left only the one you said in the beginning, at the tool bar to take out with remove. Thanks again. Herb

  45. Same effing problem.
    And here’s where it came from – Google’s top ranking page when I googled for Firefox was something in restrospect called EZ download Firefox.

    THAT is where the scam is, that’s where you get the malware called Sweetpacks, even if you tick no, and if the people responsible knew how I felt about their lying, thieving, disreputable practises they would wither and die.

    Think about it… if it was any good, you’d have heard about it and you’d go looking for it, right? If it has to lie its way onto your computer it is malware, a virus.


  46. hello,

    it does not work…. CC Cleaner can’t delete the sweetpack bundle uninstaller by the method you described, and RegSeeker can’t delete the “sweet” register keys. He delete them, but the program remains, and in a new search, he find them again.


    • I can only suggest try again…and in the order mentioned. The success rate has been overwhelming. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Sweetpacks hasn’t put our more versions.

  47. Hi Mike,
    Thanks so much for this blog! I felt helpless and frustrated when i saw sweetpack hopping out from each corner on my computer:)
    Unfortunately the “Sweetpack bundle uninstaller” is still showing in my control panel and wouldn’t dissapear! When I start uninstall process sweetpack window pops up saying “we are sorry to see you go blah blah blah…This page will help you to remove easch sweetpack component” – but of course it doesn’t.
    Do you have any idea how to get rid of this last one sh%$t scrap?
    Best wishes from Poland – we got a lot of snow over last night here:)

    PS. I installed ccleaner but skipped the regseeker as it was trying to install some other search bar what i didn’t accept – so then is shut down the installation process:) So i only did the ccleaner and did few more things that users on this blog suggested.

    • To get rid of the version most of us got, you have to go through the whole process. Third party software is a ballache but there is a difference between those that are upfront about it and give you the option to opt out versus those that force it on you. Even got caught out as arseholes this year. I’d say simply try again but instead i went looking for option 2. You will now see a Softonic download link above next to Regseeker. They also offer third party software which, when i downloaded Pinball from their site, were upfront about it and allowed me to deselect Claro Toolbar etc. I restarted my computer and don’t see Claro in my Programs, Search Bar or Firefox intentions so i’m happy with Softonic.

  48. Well, thank you very much. I have already spent a long time trying to get rid of this “intruder.” Now, thanks to your great advice, I think I will finally remove it. It’s having poeple like you in the web that makes this world a better place.

    Again, thanks a lot!

  49. I tried the same trick(as ms.aurelia did).But wickedmike is right.The devil didn’t leave the nest.I could suggest what one of my friends tried.He suffered multiple trauma at the hands of sweetpack,babylon and claro search.He entered the settings window of chrome,changed the options underneath APPEARANCE where you change your HOME BUTTON from sweet,claro or babylon to GOOGLE or anyother favourite search engine.Also,underneath SEARCH option,go to MANAGE SEARCH ENGINE and remove any third party search engine.The corresponding operation was carried out in mozilla and IE.Since then,that devil’s trio hasn’t made an appearance.It took him just 3 minutes to change the settings.I assure everyone,it works.

  50. Hi, there,
    Thanks to you I found out many people fought my fight with this cursed toolbar;.
    Though I tried your suggestions, none worked (or I did not have the patience to let them work, as my computer is very slow).
    But I did something easier and more basic that what you suggest, and it worked : I uninstalled Mozzilla Firefox (and kept no bookmarks or passwords in its memory), I downloaded it again and re-installed it : NO MORE BITTER SWEETPACKSยง
    Hope this helps.
    Cheers from France.

    • Glad that worked for you but it’s likely you will still find it installed in your Program list.


  52. Right click on the Google Chrome ‘Omnibar’ and click Edit Search Engines and then delete the Sweetpacks driver……. It actually deletes the F#*^Ker.

    • If you’re lucky, you’ll have a tame version and that’ll work. Most of us had a bastard of note.

    • Dude. Thanks so much. I was being patient, scrolling through the comments to see if alternate solutions would pop up–I use Chrome and Mozilla, but I was noticing that sweetpacks was showing up in the GC omnibar whenever I clicked a website so I knew the fucker was still lurking about after I’d removed it. Did what you said and it’s gone.

  53. thanks man,, i have follow your instruction and it really worked… you’re the best dude… thanks again.

    • Hearing that it worked is always cool. There are a few unlucky sods who got hit with a different version and remain in SweetHell.

  54. One last step to remove it from FireFox.
    Type in about:config in the address bar, search for sweetim and right-click on each result line to get the menu, and reset it.

  55. OMG, you’re brilliant! Sweetpacks apparently hitched a ride with Babylon onto my computer, unbeknownst to me, and none of the usual removal methods worked. It was so aggravating, and now it’s GONE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Babylon is behind so MUCH shit. If there was any integrity to governments, they would stop trying to ban free speech and instead go after criminals like Babylon.

  56. I, too had gone down the route of deleting from Registry, Add/Remove progs and also Revo, but your method worked, thank you so much. Vee in Portugal

  57. I think this solution has worked. It has certainly improved things. Just as well as I visited Knysna yesterday on trust. But I’m only along the road in J’Bay

  58. I used SPYBOT to kill Sweetpacks using the Administrator setting [right click on Spybot icon then click – use as administrator] but do not let Spybot kill other ‘good’ programs like Microsoft Security Essentials

  59. oh and every time i search for sweetim on regseeker i delete the results and search again and the all come back up – what do i do?

  60. Hi
    Should I listen to what the sweetpacks bundle uninstaller says on how to unistall each part of sweetpacks?

  61. Small world – I was in Knysna for 2 sleep on 28 / 29 September with a group from Brisbane and Sydney area, Australia. Slept at Knysna Hollow Country Estate. Saw Oudtshoorn Ostriches, cango caves, Cango Wildlife Ranch, the Waterfront. etc etc. Impressive.

    • That starts my day wonderfully:) Love small worlds. And i’m lucky to live in such an astoundingly beautiful area. Also glad that you enjoyed yourself – we need the tourism!

  62. I got up to scanning the Registry for issues and the final issue (in a long list of them, haha) was missing startup software…for SweetIM! I don’t think I want to “fix” that! I’ll skip that step and see how the rest goes.

  63. I managed to remove it by just doing
    Alt+T > Add-ons > Extensions Then find it and click remove and restrt firefox.

    Worked for me.

    Also I liked this article but i saw this on yahoo answers and gave it a go first ๐Ÿ˜›
    Thanks anyway!!

    • Happy for you to have had an easier journey. Many of us had a much bitchier version.

  64. CCleaner worked great. Like you, I had already tried malwarebytes. I had also already run spybot search and destroy. After both the Sh!tbox toolbar option was still there. Ran CCleaner, now all gone. My buddy had been telling me to run CCleaner for a couple of months, now I see why.

    Thx, dude!

    • It’s awesome that there are all these wonderful people out there who provide us with these free tools.

  65. I F*** HATE HATE SWEETPACKS it made me stay up till 12o’clock in the morning when i had a lot of things 2 do thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Search engines should find a conscience and block all the bastards who do things like this to us.

  66. I followed the instructions and removed Sweetpacks, however RegSeeker automatically installed claro-search (even though I told it NO) so I’m back to square one… :/

    • Are you sure that’s the source? This page has had many comments, 11540 views and 1472 link follows to Regseeker yet this is the first time it’s come up after many successes. I couldn’t google relevant info linking the two.

  67. OOOOWWWW I LOVE U!โ™ฅ Thanks baby, this program is fucking me all time. And u have all the reason! There are NOT pages on internet can show me the answer to this problem. You saved my computer, I appreciate!

  68. Mike, many thanks, I was tearing my hair out with this sh*t but your instructions have done the job and my computer is now rid of SweetIM.

  69. This Sweet Pack prog finally appeared in my program listing and was successfully removed. It is actually intended to be used with messenger so that you can include marginally amusing/annoying emoticon’s rather than being malware. Though its sudden appearance certainly appears to be something within that genre made worse by the persistent requests/demands to re-enable it until you finally remove it.

  70. I uninstalled and still had issues. SweetIM was in the program files but it wouldn’t let you delete it. This article told me where to go in the registry to actually get rid of it.

    • That’s terrific, Tricia. Nice to help in return i.e. after so many strangers helped me out of computer pickles the past decade.

    • Ha ha. Actually, we think about porn when we think of Poland:) I’m in South Africa – tourists look disappointed when they don’t see lions walking through the city – he he.

  71. “It is uninstalled via the add/remove programs feature in your control panel. No need for all these dramatics”.

    Actually it has never appeared in my list though my full scan virus sweep picked the prog sitting on my hard drive. You can disable the toolbar in Firefox but the instructions for Opera do not seem comprehensive enough to apply. Generally speaking if I use FF then I do not get any popups but with Opera after closing it down there is this faintly annoying popup sitting there with ticked fake options that cannot be unticked. Not really sure it could be classified as malware though.

  72. Thank you, you wonderful wonderful man. You have just saved me so much time ๐Ÿ˜€

    • When called “wonderful” twice i can only respond with pleasure-pleasure:)

  73. A…mazing. F&*^@$# SweetIM can F@%#$ off thanks to you. Really appreciate the effort you must have gone through to lay this method out. Thank you.

  74. Cheers dude, wouldnt uninstall via add/remove programs or revo uninstaller but your method worked ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Awesome! And thank you because of all the thousands of people who’ve visited this page, you are the first to give kudos:)

  75. It is uninstalled via the add/remove programs feature in your control panel. No need for all these dramatics.

    • That was unfortunately the first step down the path of many uninstall, failure attempts.

        • me too, I used (cc cleaner ), then went to (Microsoft fixit ) and used the ie repair tool, it took no time and its gone. …….simply uninstalling it in programs and features did not remove it from ie 10 although I could disable it.

          • another note…. if you got to (CNET.COM ) there are alot of totally free programs to download there that are safe and tested. i downloaded CC CLEANER, ( free version ). it takes just a few minutes. you can do alot with it and its easy to understand and it works well. AVG free antivirus is also a great program you can get there as well, totally free , no bull…if you remove sweetpacks from your pc , go to internet explorer options on your computer, it may still show up there , you can disable it but you cant remove it. then go to the official ( MICROSOFT FIXIT ) site, there you can use the diagnostics tool for free to fix ie problems, it removed sweetpacks from the ie 10 on my pc completely and found some other issues as well that were fixed, it only takes a few mintues and really works

          • Thanks for your good input, Scott. I never knew of Microsoft Fixit so will check it out.

            I used to use AVG but it began eating up a lot of resources when scanning so i switched to Avast which has done me well the past 3 years. It’s helluva cool that we have Free version options from both these companies.

          • there are so many items to choose from at Microsoft Fixit how do you know which one to use to rid puter of Sweetpacks

      • I followed your instructions and it appears to be gone, at least it doesn’t show up on start up, but I have run reg seeker again several times and several sweetim entries keep showing up in the registry, even though I keep deleting them.

        Still, I am so grateful I found your site. NOTHING else helped at all!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!:)

      • No dramatics involved. I tried that first, and it appeared to have been deleted…yet it kept popping up and hijacking my browser. Deleting it using the add/remove programs does NOT work, and other resources MUST be employed.

      • Ditto. Even when it was uninstalled from programs, I found it in the registry and even with deletion from IE, FF, and Chrome, it kept reappearing. You’re lucky if removal was that easy.

      • i followed your instructions, but the toolbar is still there looking at me. I don’t know what else to do. it is messing with my computer. I can’t even sign into Facebook.

        • bloody sweetpacks i tried all this no luck and it installed itself on both my computers

          • The arseholes behind Sweetpacks will undoubtedly find different ways to install but i’m hoping that you won’t be the first failure. Try again.

          • click on ‘tools’ then click ‘Add-ons” it will open up a page. On the left margin click ‘extentions’
            you will find everything in there. Remove that toolbar and any other add-ons that you don’t want.
            Good Luck

          • I tried that right in the beginning but it simply reappeared after restarting the computer. Same happened to others.

    • There was no chance removing this BEAST in IE. You can only deactivate but not remove! Finally regSeeker is running now … canยดt believe how many regEntries it still has – AFTER I already deleted it with ccleaner AND double-checked the systemControl!!!
      MANY Thanx for your hint with regSeeker!!
      andrea (germany)

    • STOP all that hunting, somebody else has done it…, the easiest way to remove it is to install SPY-BOT (Search&Destroy) freeware….!!!
      Excellent & simple Solution, just remember to reboot after cleaning!!

    • To whoever reccomended – They carry LOTS of malware now – That’s where I got sweetpacks in the first place (from a program that, when istalled from it’s manufacturer’s site didn’t.)

    • Your a fucking douche Mr. TheBeavre! Yours might have been removed easily with add/remove , but mine didn’t and I am very thankful to WickedMike.

      • Thanks for the support but all are, truly, welcome to their opinion. This is a friendly blog. I’m no expert so i was happy to stumble across the solution and share it.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this!! It is finally gone! To TheBeavre-don’t be so sure it is gone by going to add/remove programs. I removed it there and even went into several windows files to find it lurking there only to discover it had still found the ability to hijack my browser. I also had finally thought i had rid myself of it but noticed that even though the sweetpacks virus appeared to be gone it was still sending all information through sweetpacks-watch in your browser at the bottom right where it says connecting to…etc. (i am sure it has a correct name but i am not as computer savvy as some ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine said-connect to, connecting sweet packs, connect bing. for example. No matter what webpage it was even though the browser appeared to be doing everything properly!

    • The obvious tha TheBeavre says does not wok at all. It is a very sophisticated Malware. I follow the instructions of wickedmike, and finally worked fine. Did not try Microsoft fixit.. Besides that I tried every anti malware first and nothing happened. After the first cleaning, using mikes formula, I shutdown the computer pulling the batteries and restarted in safe mode, cleaned again (Use sweet alone instead of sweetIM to find more keys) and used Tuneup Utilities 12 to defrag registry (need to start Services for program first), Just in case, reset and Result: Completely clean
      Thank you Very much wickedMike! Note I am Using Chrome

    • Regseeker which is actually Reimagerepair just cost me $50, took one hour to scan my PC and got NO RESULTS

      • I don’t know Reimagerepair but Regseeker is free…and that price you paid is more than one would normally pay for a paid version.