More Tender Conflict & Knysna Municipality versus Us — No Comments

  1. Not only have the Municipality proved impossible to pin down. It seems others are now crawling out of the woodwork to offer their predictable support to the decision which offered Chris Mulder’s company, the ISDF contract. Step forward, chief among them, Charles van Tonder who waxed lyrical in last week’s Knysna Plett Herald, attempting in the process to brand opponents of the decision, loonies. As a developer himself, Mr van Tonder is all too obviously nailing his colours to the mast.

    • Lauren Waring’s obstinacy, and the politicians support of her (against Knysna), is going to damage the future development of Knysna when courts rule that they did wrong. There are, thankfully, some who will not let this issue go. And i intend to keep it fresh in the public’s mind (as they far too often sink into apathy).

  2. When it has been brought to light that the possibility exists that any organisation or individual voted or nominated into a position has the slightest chance of corrupting the system in any way their involvement should be immediately terminated.
    Has the “Arms deal” taught us nothing?

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