The tender, the riots, the racists, the DA

tender riots racists democratic alliance

There were riots by Oupad residents in Knysna that led to repeated closures of the N2 in 2016. As the N2 is a National road, the only way in and out of Knysna, the only way to get to other towns above or below, it was a big deal.

The Knysna Municipality failed to inform the Public that the main spark was a problem with the T20 tender involving housing, seemingly their fault.

Worsening the situation was that a racist white DA Constituent and Ward 10 Committee member called for live bullets to be used on the black protestors against the alleged fraudulent tender. He was supported by a property developer, another DA constituent, who backed him up with the suggestion they use the same bulldozers as used by the Israelis against Palestinians. The outrage sparked by my story led to their expulsion from the party but the DA has never officially responded to my complaint. And those criminals were never prosecuted, something I’d expect from a good governance and anti-racist party.

I don’t repeat the perpetrators’ names because my main point today is to ask why the DA has yet to be transparent regards what happened? Why are friends of the DA seemingly more important than health of a Province?

The bigger problem is that the DA’s tactic works. The longer they ignore a complaint or a scandal, the more likely the Public will forget. Righteous anger doesn’t hold its heat. It’s like a hot cup of coffee in a snowstorm.