The DA dictators of Knysna — No Comments

  1. Have you had any further contact with them? This almost seems like something that should be forwarded to the likes of Carte Blanche.

    • Not comforting considering the bias manner in which Carte Blanche treated the fracas in Plett, siding with Mayor Memory Booysen (DA). That situation was so one-sided which is why i agreed to set up the website for the JEF who took the DA to court, on behalf of the ANC, and won on 6 accounts, the DA costing the ratepayers as much as a million.

      There’s good and bad people on both sides but i fear an insufficient number of good people right now to save our country…but i can hope.

  2. Try dealing with Mweb.

    I had problems cancelling a business contract. Faxed my request on a letterhead with a copy of my ID and heard nothing more. But being thoroughly pissed off I resolved to cancel two personal accounts I had with them. But after procrastinating and doing nothing for two months imagine my surprise when the accounts stopped working. This is the way customer service should do it. Here was a corporation that understood my frustrations and they quietly removed the service that was causing me so much angst. This without so much as a murmur nor the inevitable excuses used to justify the “mistakes” they are so prone to making. But the pleasure was short lived. After making a few enquiries and discovering that I had got it all wrong, things took a nasty turn. They had also got it all wrong and some bright spark decided that since my partner had opened the account and not me I must have wanted to cancel my other accounts. And how right they were. Yet despite this, I took the opportunity to be rude, nasty and just unpleasant. I relished every minute.