The DA Screws Plett for Millions Again — 3 Comments

  1. And next time when the ANC takes control of the municipality the same will happen again, thats why Iam of the view that political parties should not contest municipal elections leave it to the citizenry to decide. As a matter of fact our entire electoral system must be reviewed. This politicking at the expense of our communities is not taking us to our objective to create a better life for all. The big problem with our politicians is that they don’t know when to stop politicking. When you contest elections that should be the only time when you involve yourself in politics, thereafter you should work hand-in hand with advisaries for the benefit of all the people including those who have voted against you. Ek is seker besig met dagdrome!

  2. Remember this judgement delivered by Adv Doralingo? “The irony in Mr Sitishu’s case is he is one of the few municipal mangers in the country where you have multi-party governance that has been nominated by all the members of the council. In fact councillor Brummer said he was the one that was unanimously appointed. If that is the case, why then if you have appointed someone, why do you go and you almost go to the point of destroying his career. You must remember he is not a politician, he is an official. Why do you link and draw him into politics when you are the very one that appointed a person. I think in terms of our support for local government, in terms of our support for the country and in terms of our support as to the where we are going to, we need to change the way we operate. We cannot place someone in a position of authority and then you discredit him and on top of it your discreditation (of the person) is without any basis. In fact you come back and you say I have made a mistake, I should not have done that. What bothers me about that is, let us call if political point-scoring, let us say you wanted to get back at the opposition party, what has happened here, an official has been tarnished, his image has been tarnished, in fact the country knows that there is Bitou Municipality, all be it alleged, all be it taken out of proportion. In fact the evidence here is that the finance of this particular municipality is in good standing. That is the real evidence. The world out there does not know that. What they know today is that someone had conducted some financial irregularity and we hope that that very proclamation of financial misconduct and irregularity will be countered by: “I apologise, I made mistake, the finances in Bitou is in order”.

    If some things have been clarified then we would not have gone to the papers. It think that is what is, if we want to say let us work on governance in Bitou, then that is the route that we should go. But we cannot as a society, this not the way that we are going build our governance systems, this is not the way that we are going to build our people. I think when you look at the ordinary citizen out here in Bitou, they may, probably their concern is “ai:”, when they think of the council and the municipal manager and officials, I wonder what they are stealing today, whilst there are simple explanations for the things that has been taken out of proportion.

    So hopefully those could be some of the lessons that we can take out of, and I almost want to call it; “the unfortunate incident in the municipality”.

    I think councillor Brummer confirmed when the story broke, it was like icing on a cake. I think again I would plead for sensitivity around these issues, because as the people of Bitou, the community of Bitou, what happened based on this icing on a cake, it is now the icing on the one side and the cake on the other side, there is now division.

    When the politicians want to score political points, I think they should refrain from using the officials and I think that is the type of accountability that needs to happen.”

    • Well said. It is about “political point-scoring”, something i’ve spoken vehemently against. As there’s suppose to be separation of church and state so there must be separation of politicians and municipal managers. How are the latter suppose to do their jobs fairly if they are deployed by the DA or ANC, or, if they got in on merit, suppose to survive the rocky rollercoaster of municipal leadership transitions if doing their job is less important than bowing to the leader of the day. It’s the South African nightmare that’s costing us, the public, dearly.

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