The DA’s Free Ride is Ending — 8 Comments

  1. So the DA gains control of George municipality and next thing all rural properties lose their agricultural rebate overnight and are now subject to a fourfold rates increase, being billed full urban rate even though we receive almost no street services. The DA municipality response is we need money for service delivery. Don’t buy it, they have no plans to service any of the areas they have hiked the rates for!

    • They’ve done the same in Knysna, targeting communities outside the urban edge that receive minimal service from the Municipality yet charging them lots. The DA’s plan seems to include taking as much money as it can from the shrinking middle class so long as they can. No matter the huge debts our local governments have, the ‘public servants’ ‘ and politicians’ salaries keep on increasing. That’s not a Robin Hood action but rather the DA emulating the greed of the ANC.

      • Thanks Mike,

        Good to know of the broader regionality of this problem and that it really does seem to be rooted in rot that has set into the DA, Rondevlei greetings.

        • There’s little difference between the constitutions of the DA and the ANC. And with every defector from the ANC, the DA strangely claims a victory whereas i see it as the acceptance of people who had already proven that they could not do the job as well as further undermining of the DA’s morals – it’s become about winning votes no matter the cost. Type in DA searches for Oudtshoorn and Plettenberg Bay and you will find tons that they’re doing wrong. Very frustrating.

          • Well I have shifted from staunchly supportive of the DA to undecided. Problem is property owners in my area seem to regard the DA as some sort of sacred cow instead of the sinister controlling power they actually are, who have targeted them as a cash cow to be milked with impunity.

          • I was similar to you. I considered joining the DA 4 years ago and was keen to be a fundraiser for them and a supporter of Knysna. But after their then leader, Richard Dawson, a career politician, could not explain their policies in a Knysna context, i realized that there was fundamentally something wrong with the DA’s approach to Knysna. It is my belief that they are for national politics first and Knysna last.

            The DA gained a lot of numbers from the Afrikaans community who felt threatened by the ANC. In reality, that’s a racist decision because they could have chosen to support local, community leaders instead. There are areas of Knysna that will always vote DA because they’re perceived as white. But, ironically, they;re not. They are swelling their ranks with uneducated voters and accepting opportunistic ex-ANC members into their ranks. Further irony is that their conservative supporters have conveniently turned a blind eye to the fact that they’re a liberal party. They are also for big business first and it’s no surprise that they won’t reveal whose funding them.

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