The DA’s Mazzone mess: Those who control us weren’t elected

DA Federal Executive Natasha Mazzone - twitter

Our democracy is a lie if we vote for parties who choose their leaders through internal faction fights. We don’t even elect a ‘lowly’ Mayor which is why he/she is likely to bow to bigger people in the Province we never elected as well.

But, on a superficial level, we’re bamboozled into thinking that we elected public figures such as Ramaphosa or Maimane, and that they, in turn, represent our best interests.

The deeper concern must be if someone is in charge of the bosses. I’m not speaking of sponsors (which desperately demands investigation) but rather making opinion about where public leaders of political parties actually stand in the hierarchy within a party, and I’m singling out the DA because the selection of Natasha Mazzone to the DA Federal Executive (DA FedEx) happened in bizarre manner.

Myself and others, including DA members, consider James Selfe to be the ruler of the DA. After all, he’s been the Chairperson of their mysterious and suspicious Federal Executive since 1992, when the DA was still the DP. As I’ve stated before, real power lasts.

The FedEx, has power to institute actions against any members stepping out of line (which can be abused by those with agenda or involved in faction fighting). The FedEx and Selfe have been more prominent in public than ever before as Maimane and Zille came under fire over Cape Town’s Day Zero and, of course, their ongoing Patricia de Lille nightmare. It has suggested who is in what faction, that Cape Town’s JP Smith may be loyal to Selfe and that Helen has tweeted herself out of favour.

The FedEx has remarkable power for abuse which, in my understanding, makes the DA’s Federal Legal Commission an important check and balance. This is where law is interpreted and evidence analysed.

But what of the Commission is subservient to the FedEx? What if the likes of Nicholas Gotsell and Glynnis Breytenbach were loyal to Selfe rather than justice? Would we remotely understand our democracy if it were.

Peter Myers Knysna DA Fedex battle
Councillor Peter Myers

Whereas De Lille and Knysna’s Peter Myers requested open disciplinary hearings this year, the Federal Legal Commission denied it. To make matters worse in the latter’s case, he is being disciplined after both he and I, separately, have been denied investigation by the DA FedEx into DA corruption. Instead, Myers was first stripped of his Deputy Mayorship and forced into disciplinary proceeding that screams cover-up.

Natasha Mazzone is another who has evidence of DA corruption but will not act on it.

Today, City Press reports that, “A legal opinion obtained by a rival of the DA’s Natasha Mazzone for the position of Deputy Federal Chairperson has found her election to the post to be invalid.” Mazzone seems to have been selected by the “old” DA FedEx rather than by the DA’s own people.

So not only is democracy questionable but also the alternative rules DA insiders are suppose to play by.

I’m suffering from unDemocratic Alliance blues. How about you?