The Hunger Parable

For six days, I left the world around me
entering a desert devoid of life

On the second day, the Devil paid me a visit
Giggling, he tortured me but soon tired of the game

He bade me farewell the following day but left behind
a many-handed daemon to keep me company
The daemon’s name was Self-Care
and joyously, he made his home inside of me,
speaking to me by pulling my innards

With the arrival of the fourth day,
my tired blood pooled in the rocks and drenched the sand
The desert bloomed and I understood
how God felt at the Art of Creation for now I was God

The fifth day dawned and I was taken away reluctantly
Within moments I missed understanding
like I miss a lover’s smile

Today, half of an old man approached me
and held out his hand
I looked into his eyes
and saw that he lived in the freedom that I had lost
But Sadness hung herself from my heart
when I realized that he’d never played God

I gave him all I had
and left with the belief that all I’d experienced
was Illusion.