The K.E.E.P. Newsletter #13 — No Comments

  1. I have told you before I don’t work within the structures you believe are important. More importantly I don’t have my eye on the public purse. I share your stated objective in making a difference. But like the people you criticise you take criticism and debate as an attack and you do not answer questions either. You work your way around them. You avoid them. What is the difference between you and the DA? Does that brand you as a liar too?

    You claim to be obsessed with the welfare of people, to have been obsessed with music, yet you brush aside Nidhi’s initiative as irrelevant. Why? She is doing something for “people”. She has given them exposure. Just as the Living Local programme is working for “the people”. Projects going to the root of the problem. But because they don’t serve your personal agenda you dismiss them with contempt.

    Take a step back. Question your objectivity as others will do. You are not so different. Sadly you are still hung up on the colour and political divide you speak of and that I am afraid is what gives it a voice. You are taking sides and are merely part of the malaise.

    What is the solution? Why not start with Nidhi and the Drummers instead of all the Brummers.

    • You speak more of the same yet with no effort and the only reason why i address you, for the last time, is because you brought Nidhi from the Drum Circle into it. I applaud her. Her good idea was never in doubt in the comments above. First, you claim her initiative as the DA’s to score a point against me. I corrected that falsehood and say that it was her idea and pointed out that my issue with the DA is bigger…not belittling Nidhi but trying to get the issue back to the DA. You twisted my words to make a point which you don’t have. I have deliberately not mentioned your business here despite your attacks under different names in the past. I can only assume that it remains in trouble. There is a bitterness in you that was not there when i first met you. It’s grown considerably the past couple of months. It dismays me because you’re an individual i liked. You have over a hundred websites registered. Register one more and make an effort instead of lazily belittling and venting your frustrations here.

  2. Mike take a close look at Johan Brummer who you have said so much about. He allows his emotions to get in the way of good sense. Similarly your coverage of “events” is clouded with emotional irrelevance and personality issues. Why do you always apologise when introducing the bad guys from the other side? Why can you not hold views? Why can you not separate fact from hearsay? Why can you not present your arguments without taking sides?

    It concerns me that you have allowed yourself to be sucked into the systems disinformation machine and branding yourself as another loon. Not everything the DA does is wrong. Why have you not got around to mentioning the DA led Recycled Band competition? This I would have thought would be something close to your heart? But no, not even so much as a murmur. You keep on mentioning the perilous state of your finances. Are you waiting for the ANC to pass the butter?

    Sorry about that. But I get a little uncomfortable with one sided, ongoing and unconstructive criticism.

    • This is a blog. It’s created because i am passionate/emotional about Knysna. Until the DA deals with the bigger issues, i won’t let up. I’ve experienced their lies first hand. They need to sort those first. We are talking about our lives, issues far greater than a “Recycled Band” competition which, by the way, was motivated by the Drumming Circle…the DA beats their own drum.

      I’m making a real effort that is consuming, tiring and economically devastating. I deal with politicians, municipal workers and the public on a regular basis regarding real issues. I attend the Council meetings, i went to the first Ward 10 meeting this past week – where were you? Where are you in any of this? In my blog as an armchair critic?

      In the past, you’ve call me bias, a loon and implied i’m crooked. You are so incredibly one-sided and that attitude, prevalent amongst so many in this town, is what will continue to hurt this town. Steps have to be made to cross the colour and political divide. We have to start holding hands and searching for common goals if we’re to save our country.

      I’m not going to debate this with you anymore. I tried but it’s been pointless. I may be emotional but i also write an incredible amount that does present food for thought. You will take those hours of work and in seconds, with a comment, say they worthless. You choose the easy route. It is a cowardly route. Instead of being a destroyer, find another platform elsewhere where you create. Go do your best to make our town a better place.

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