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  1. I have been informed that certain opposition councillors in the Knysna Council are getting certain favours from the DA in turn for their silence o0n certain issues. A certain opposition councillor’s outstanding municipal tax was apparently written off. I first need to get sufficient and exact information on this before I can reveal the name of that councillor. This is shocking and should not be tolerated in a town where so many people are unemployed and are unable to pay their monthly accounts and a councillor who is getting a salary of R16000 per month fails to pay his account.

    • I’ve heard other rumours which have prompted me to question why there’s no opposition in Knysna. As for the story you mention, i’d be very interested if the info surfaced.

  2. The ANC must look critically at what its councillors are doing at the municipality and in the various committees. There is the perception which is justified that councillors are been elected to serve the party and the community but there is no0 accountability. The other issue is where does co0uncillors get their mandates from? What mechanisms are in place to assess councillors performance during the term and not at the end of the term. It is clear that. De Vries must be held accountable by his party since he is a proportional councillor, but it seems to me that no structure of the ANC is holding him accountable. I agree with Stander that he first needs to0 ascertain the facts before commenting on De Vries’ alleged non-performance but the issues were reported on this blog for more than a year and I am sure that he (Stander) reads this blog. It is also very disappointing that the ANC does not have a clear pro0gram of action for Knysna and this just shows you how impotent the ANC has become in Knysna. Without a solid workable pro0gram of action for each mo0nth o0f the year it will become impossible to win back Knysna from the Daceivers.

    • Nail on the head. Lack of accountability is the main issue. All of our so called leaders have it backwards i.e. they’re suppose to be accountable to us and not only to bosses above them (who are also not being accountable to us). The ANC doesn’t seem to know what’s happening in Knysna. But the DA does. So both involved in flipsides of the same useless coin. What politicians don’t seem to get is that if they do a good job they could have that job forever. There has to be a plan. The DA’s laughable response to when i asked for their plan for Knysna was to tell me that they can’t share it from me lest the ANC steal their ideas – r i d i c u l o u s.

  3. We are happy with the media coverage and have been told that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. We also appreciate that not all things that the media will say about us will be good.
    I would however just make a few corrections:
    1. I’m not dodging questions, but it can’t be right to talk about a person without getting all the facts. At least that’s how its workin in the ANC
    2. There’s no factions in the ANC. I know the media is obsessed with this thing of factions in the ANC, but never reports on the factions in the DA. I will be surprised if the Mayor is this the Mayor after the elections. It’s common knowledge that there’s another DA councillor after thst position. The same goes for Wessie at Eden and what makes it worst is it is done according to racial lines.
    3. I live in Ward 8 not 9, but racism is so deep rooted in the DA and the Knysna is no different. They might even be leading the race.

    • Thanks for the input. Corrections are welcomed. Apologies for the Ward error. I got confused i.e. Ward 9 is south of Sunridge whereas you are east of Vigilance which becomes Sunridge. Councillor Clive Witbooi (ANC) is North of Sunridge. I have added this into the article. As for the rest, i look forward to the information you will provide my readers..

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