The Lizards of Democracy — No Comments

  1. On IEC website are 189 registered political parties. Only pity that we only get 1 vote. How do you choose – for many it just means tick ANC, – no need to think about it. For many others, it means tick DA, (against ANC).
    Come on, democracy means, find out what the other guys are about, and chose a party that reflects your political philosophy best.
    Maybe, we should all just vote for the Dagga Party – and chill out.

  2. Hey, nice article. Just wanted to say why the hell do people demonstrate against a government that they just vote in again? Seems odd. Back to the trees then…

    • Exactly which is why i added in the quote at the bottom. Too much stereotypical voting in South Africa i.e. black is ANC, white is DA (no matter what they say, that is still the majority of supporters). People need to vote for who will do the job and make them sign a pledge that they can be recalled if they don’t. If the public doesn’t insist on it then local governments will continue to have their major decisions made by province, remaining pawns in a power struggle that doesn’t care about their town.

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